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5 summer fashion trends every mom should try

The fashion options for a mom this summer are limitless. Those you choose depend on your style and how much you want to amp it up.

Woman wearing blue dress

Tribal is major

This season is ultra-luxe bohemian with a sexy edge, says Susan Klope, creator of the Per Se collection. Whether you are traveling on safari to Africa and points East, or having lunch in your kitchen, the tribal style will be a major muse. Look for fun desert-shaded skirts, braided trim and hand-carved necklaces.

Think moonlight, not strobe light

Klope says she’s showing pearly, sandy, silver-spoon colors with white and cream. “We’re loving t-shirting that pours like liquid mercury; white shirting showered with silver dust; a luscious natural linen jacket printed with silver dots like the candy buttons of our childhood.” The great thing about this trend is that it’s easy to layer with preexisting pieces in your wardrobe. As an added benefit, you’ll be extra prepared to segue into those chillier nights.

Deja Blue

This summer, it’s blue, blue, blue all the way. Embrace it as much as you want — either with blue-accented pumps, or a dress in the colors of the sea. Color trends are meant to be adapted to your own comfort level. Yes, a blue streak is a great excuse for a hot new dress. But if you aren’t prepared for that investment, a summer scarf is a fabulous choice as well.

A collage of prints

Klope says “surrealistic” is the name of the game with printed fabrics. Remember: You don’t have to be an artist to be artistic. Play with patterns, work element-upon-element, try color-over-color. “The look is three-dimensional and is meant to be reminiscent of Picasso and Braque,” Klope says. A great idea is an obi-sashed dress to create a silhouette collage!

Summer Stock

Tunics and skimmer dresses are smash hits this summer. Perfect for 110-in-the-shade days, these tunics and dresses are super-cool, sporty chic — and kind of hot. It’s also perfect for city moms with sun-kissed shoulders. Standouts include: Textured floral jacquards in black or red hot; black/white/red abstract squares with the look of layers; and tunics in highlight yellow over white pencil pants to give you the long, lean look.

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