How to find comfy summer sandals that scream style

Summer heat may be uncomfortable, but your summer sandal doesn’t have to be. Follow our tips, and you’ll have to look no further than down to find a trendy and stylish sandal that’s comfortable, too.

Woman wearing gladiator sandal

Flip flops

No, they’re not going anywhere this summer and are just as fun and comfortable as they have always been. Buy a couple pairs: One for running errands and another for an evening look that says, “I didn’t try very hard to look this great”.

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Wedge sandal

This is going to be the hottest trend for early summer this year. From low wedge to cork to zig zag, the wedge has reappeared this year after a brief hiatus. Wedges are fun, and when warm weather hits, they become virtually irresistible. Even women who doesn’t normally wear heels can opt for a bit more height when the heel is a wedge.

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The Romans and Greeks wore this particular type of shoe for good reasons: They’re comfortable, practical and totally reliable in war. This is the big trend; flats, heels and even boots have made their ways into the summer sandal forum, so take your pick.

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Bootie sandalsbootie sandal, summer shoes, shoe trends, stylish shoes

People call these “bootie sandals” because no one knows quite yet what else to call this mixture of flat bootie and sandal. Its material starts from the bottom and covers your heel and ankle — a truly fresh take on your average sandal.

The clog

The clog has been resurrected once again; both Chanel and Miu Miu are hitting the runways with sky-high clogs this summer. If you are bold enough and love to try different styles, go for this comfy yet trendy option.

Floral accents

Stick a flower in just about anything this summer, and you’ll be on par with the latest trend. Look for floral embellishments to adorn everything from head to (especially) toe, from thong sandals to flip flops.

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With so many styles and colors to choose from, you’ll bring out the best of any summer look with any of these trendy and stylish summer sandals.

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