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The 7 deadly sins of makeup

6. Plucky and Unlucky6. plucking to death

We all know this one. It starts in junior high and finishes at the wheel in the sky. Women who pluck their brows to practically nothing, then draw the line they want to have.

I’m all for changing your looks, but what made you decide to be shocked today? Terrified yesterday? Angry tomorrow? Confused last week? At some point, wouldn’t it be best to go with what nature gave you?

The redemption

I’ll be the first person to say my feelers are beyond irritating — they grow in everywhere but where they need to. So, I do what any self-respecting, non-plucking person would do: I get them professionally waxed. Plucking actually damages the nerve and after too much plucking, the hair won’t grow back. If you can wash off your eyebrows, then you’re doing it wrong. Pay $10 and get ’em waxed.

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