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The 7 deadly sins of makeup

3. War Paint3. War Paint

We’ve all seen this, perhaps on our grandmothers and toddlers during dress-up: Splotched foundation and bars of blush. You may find yourself looking for the feathers and leathers. You’re not alone.

The redemption

There is no excuse for this sin — common sense says that if you look like William Wallace on War Day, you should probably rethink your makeup ritual — and even he only used one color. Your foundation should not be splotched, with uneven spots and even spots missing.

Dab a dot on your chin, each cheek, nose and forehead. Now take your fingers and blend it into your skin. You should have an even tone all over. When using blush, do one swipe on the cheek apple and sweep out. Make a conductor sweep: In, under and out. There should be a graduation of color, not a bold stripe. Practice this enough, and you’ll get it.

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