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The 7 deadly sins of makeup

2. Cake Face2. Cake Face

There is only one day per year that insanely heavy makeup is permitted: Halloween. Otherwise, makeup is intended to highlight your natural features — even if you don’t like what your mama gave you. It is not meant to be a prosthetic limb for your face. With that said, using a mortar and trowel for your foundation is not only ugly, but also kills any hope you have for naturally clean skin.

Keep cramming base and blush into those long-suffering pores, and the more visible those pores will become. They’ll need a GPS device to dig you out. There is nothing attractive about resembling a clown — you’re scaring the children and driving away the men.

The redemption

Solution: Cut your coverage in half — literally. A dime-size drop of foundation provides complete coverage, one swipe of blush per cheek and two coats of mascara per eye. That’s it. Try it for a day; you’ll be amazed at how much time you save in the bathroom, and your dog will stop hiding from you.

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