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The 7 deadly sins of makeup

Don’t scoff — you know you’ve been guilty of at least one of these cardinal sins of cosmetology. There are some things you simply don’t do, and if your mama never told you, prepare to be educated. Ranging from unbelievable to the unforgivable, these mistakes will send you on a one-way flight to the Purgatory of Personal Paint. Pens out, please. You will be quizzed later, and you won’t be able to plead out.

1. Matchmaker1. mismatching

Now, boys and girls, do we remember the matching game in kindergarten? The idea was to match up colors — some of us, apparently, missed that lesson. How women leave the house with a mismatched visage is beyond me. You don’t pick the shade you want to be – you pick the shade you are. Stop living in denial and looking like a two-tone cocktail onion.

The redemption

Head over to your local drug store or makeup counter. Ask for help. Test the shade on the one place it’s going — your face, not the back of your hand. I don’t care if you wish you were paler or darker. Your skin, whatever color it may be, is yours and therefore beautiful. Stop hiding it.

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