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6 Sexy summer alternatives to Mom shorts

Summer presents a host of potential wardrobe malfunctions. For many of us, that includes shorts that, um, don’t flatter. Yes, we’re talking “mom shorts.” Here’s what to wear instead.

In addition to being short on style, mom shorts add visual weight and make legs look stumpy. Gone are the days when many of us could wear Daisy Dukes with confidence, but that doesn’t mean we are ready to give up. There are so many great options to tiresome, basic shorts.

The trick to pulling it together this summer is not to overthink it. Dress for comfort, and your style will come together with just a few great purchases. Check out these six expert picks.



The romper is this season’s version of a baby doll, says Suzanne Libfraind, the Savvy Stylist. It’s easy to wear with canvas sneakers or gladiator-style sandals, a straw hat and a pair of ’80s-era sunglasses. (Bisou Bisou Romper, $39,

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