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6 Secrets to getting great beauty deals

Want the name-brand beauty products without having to win the lotto? Check out these tips for looking beautiful while saving some serious cash.

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The price of beauty can easily break the bank thanks to pricey anti-aging serums, cellulite-reducing lotions and lip-plumping formulas that line store shelves. That’s why we compiled these dollar-stretching ideas to make you look and feel like a million bucks, without having to actually spend it. Go on, get beautiful, bargainistas!

How to get great deals on beauty

Getting deals on beauty productsSign-up for newsletters and e-mail lists

Be the first to know! Signing up for e-mail lists and newsletters is a great way to get exclusive discount codes and coupons. For example, discount beauty site recently sent an e-mail offering free shipping with no minimum purchase by using a special code at checkout. Most beauty sites will offer you the chance to sign-up for these lists on their homepage.

Getting deals on beauty productsFollow your favorite beauty brands on Twitter

Many beauty companies will also offer special deals or giveaways to their loyal Twitter followers. Beauty expert and blogger Laura Carson Miller says she’s seen a lot of tweets promoting contests recently, such as “be the 1,000th follower and win free loot!”

Here are a few beauty brands on Twitter to get you started:

Getting deals on beauty productsAsk for free samples

It’s all about paying your dues, even when it comes to looking beautiful. According to Laura, it’s a good idea to make friends with the beauty artists at your favorite cosmetic counters and shops. “Go by and try out new makeup shades, ask questions about the formulas and ask what the coming trends are. If you seem interested and willing to talk about the brand, you have a better chance of walking away with a bag full of free samples.”

Getting deals on beauty productsBuy the big one

Bigger is typically always better, especially in the world of hair care products. Mike Van den Abbeel, stylist and owner of Mosaic Hair Studio, recommends purchasing the largest size available when it comes to shampoos and conditioners. “The price difference per ounce between the normal size and large size can be huge. If your favorite brand doesn’t sell large sizes or if you want a bargain, ask your salon if you can buy the back bar size (1 liter to 1 gallon) for big savings,” he says.

Getting deals on beauty productsBe a guinea pig

If you can put up with an audience during your next beauty procedure, you can expect big savings. Leslie Blanche, Senior Account Manager at IF Marketing, recommends inquiring at local medical spas and with plastic surgeons about teaching days. “Many plastic surgeons are affiliated with universities and have designated preceptorship days for students and other medical professionals to shadow them as they treat patients. Often, the patients being treated are given a discount for allowing the students and visiting physicians to watch their procedures.”

Getting deals on beauty productsDon’t be afraid of drugstore makeup

According to Jessica Stout, founder of FAB Shows, “There are some true hidden gems in the world of drugstore makeup.” Her new go-to mascara, for example, costs just $7, and has worked “leaps and bounds better than any department store stuff I’ve used.”

To learn more about drugstore products before buying, Jessica recommends reading up on the “Best Value” product review section of MakeupAlley.

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