10 WTF beauty rituals women claim are worth the ‘ick’ factor

4. Pig placenta beauty drink


If you missed Sex Ed 101, placenta is tissue that grows inside of women when they are pregnant. It serves to nourish and protect the fetus and is pushed out after the fetus during what is called the “afterbirth.”

It’s slimy, slippery, bloody and full of fluids, so who would think to drink such a thing? The desire for youth and beauty can be a strong one, which is why people in Japan are currently lining up to drink ground pig placenta. Like menstrual blood, placentas are full of vitamins, nutrients and minerals – everything that an egg or baby feeds on, pre-Gerber. Personally, I prefer my Centrum 1-A-Day, but for the brave at heart, a 30 mililiter bottle will run you $8.50 or 1,000 yen in Tokyo. Not a bad price, actually.

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