10 WTF beauty rituals women claim are worth the ‘ick’ factor

2. Ant Body Wash


A refreshing and energy-giving wash — or is it?

Ants contain high levels of formic acid, which is energy-giving. In fact you’ll find that in some cultures, ants are part of a daily diet.

The Natural Expired Fruits Acids help remove dead skin and oil residues, and according to the website, this body wash will awaken the senses and provide an overall feeling of balance. It’s also perfect for people with oily skin or sluggish metabolisms. See those ants marching through your kitchen? They’re not the enemy after all.

Use them to wash your hair, as a shower scrub or even as a bath soak. 75 grams of post-RAID goodness for only $15. Source: Edible.com

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