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Top 10 most luxurious spa treatments

Ahhhh… pampering. The word alone brings with it a sense of relaxation. For most of us, pampering is, unfortunately, a vaguely familiar concept. For others, spa days are a regular ritual (lucky you!). As clients become more savvy and discretionary about what they spend their money on, spas are taking treatments to luxurious — and sometimes delicious — new heights.

Wherever you fall in the pampering spectrum, it’s nice to stay abreast to the most luxurious options available. Armed with this decadent knowledge, you can seek a treatment in your area, or tackle an at-home beauty project.

10. Pear Fig Polishing Peel

At the Kiawah Resort in Kiawah Island, South Carolina, spa goers can add a pear fig polishing peel to a facial treatment. It smells heavenly and utilizes fruit enzymes to effectively polish and refine pores, leaving your skin glowing. If you can’t make it to South Carolina, find a spa that uses fruit enzyme peels in their treatment products.

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