8 Fun, flirty summer hairstyles

Textured ponytail

Lead stylist Devin Toth from the Ted Gibson salon in New York City predicts the textured pony is one style we’ll be living in this summer. And it’s surprisingly simply to recreate. To try at home,  spray Build It blow drying agent on hair and apply Fix It gel to hair roots before blow-drying completely. Next, gently wrap hair in unclean sections around a curling iron that’s 1 inch or smaller; using your fingers, bring hair back into a ponytail at the crown or at the back of the occipital bone. Finally, secure ponytail with an elastic, finish with hair spray, and massage scalp on the top and on the sides, making it a little messier. For an even better result, accessorize with a headband, Bando Stick or bobby pin at the hairline above the outer corner of one of the eyes.

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