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Prom night emergency essentials kit

You’ve scored a hot a date, found the ultimate dress, perfect shoes and decided on the most flattering make-up and hairstyle for the biggest event of the year – prom! Now that the big items have been crossed off your pre-prom list, it’s time to get down to the details. We want your night to be as perfect as you’ve imagined, so we’ve put together a list of emergency essentials every prom-goer should think about tucking away in her ultra-cute clutch. Not that we expect anything to go awry, but we do know that it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to getting ready for fabulous nights out.

Girls at prom

The items on our list will help get you through any spill, stain, make-up mishap or any other annoying issues you shouldn’t have to stress about when you should be flirting, dancing or otherwise having the time of your life!

Double-sided tape

Ever wonder how all those starlets manage to keep their miniscule minis in place, rather than having them slipping off at awards shows and red carpets? Double-sided tape is a great trick for ensuring your dress stays put, even when you’re busting out your best moves on the dance floor.

Gum or breath mints

This one may seem like no-brainer, but we wanted to throw in a friendly reminder that garlic bread and slow dancing don’t usually mix. Plus there are bound to be a few of your friends who forget, so you’ll be the belle of the ball with your stash of spearmint.

Lip stain

Gloss can get goopy, and it’s hard to remember to reapply lipstick after every bite or sip. But lip stains (in a shade similar to your lipstick) can be a great way to touch-up without overdoing it. They tend to last longer than gloss and show up better in photos.

Mini deodorant

Every minute you’re not sitting down, you’re going to be dancing, jumping around and otherwise expending lots of energy flirting, gossiping and having a blast. It never hurts to have a mini deodorant on hand to ensure you’re fresh for the whole evening.

Pressed powder or oil blotting papers

A shiny face, though usually sign of a great time and lots of dancing, doesn’t look great in photos (and we know there will be hundreds of impromptu photo shoots before the night is through). That’s why it’s great to have something with you to eliminate shine. Some people prefer pressed powder for a more polished look, while others like the convenience of oil blotting papers.

Stain remover pen

Marinara sauce be gone! Stain remover pens are tiny and very helpful for nipping otherwise nasty stains in the bud. Besides, a stain-free dress means you can wear it again for weddings or other events you’d rather not spend a fortune looking great for.

Moist towelletets or baby wipes

Inexpensive and infinitely helpful, stashing a few wipes (either snagged from a restaurant or purchased from the drug store) is a great idea. From fixing make-up mishaps to removing mascara at the end of the night to wiping a spilled drink from your purse, there are countless uses for this no-frills extra.

Band aids

Sure, your prom shoes are totally on-trend and complement your dress (and your legs) beautifully, but let’s face it, blisters happen. Take it from us, having a few band aids at your disposal will make sore feet a thing of the past, or at least take some of the pressure off your toes so you can make the most of the dance floor.

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