Tips for organizing the 5 messiest areas of your home

The warmer spring weather is a perfect time to open your windows and deep clean your living space. Here are some tips for organizing and de-cluttering the five messiest areas of your home!

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The name of the game in the garage is suspension. Get things off the floor and suspend them as much as possible. For example, utilize the space above the garage door tracks to store insect, storm or shade screens, or holiday decorations. To do this, screw all-thread into the ceiling with a toggle bolt in four places and suspend two parallel pieces of angle iron from the all-thread.

Also hang bicycles on bicycle racks and ladders on hooks to make garage floor cleaning easier. Purchase a wire shelving rack for storing boxes and items you use only a few times a year.


Opening kitchen cabinets can be a frightening sea of Tupperware. Part ways with the eclectic mix you have accumulated throughout the years and start off fresh with Rubbermaid’s Easy Find Food Storage Containers. They are stain-resistant and each lid interlocks with its matching bowl so you don’t have missing parts. Even better, they are BPA-free and cost-effective!

Store items in cabinets that are close to related appliances. For example, dinnerware, glassware and silverware would be in cabinets above a dishwasher, while electric items can all reside in the same section. Place old kitchen towels in between stacked pots and purchase a rack to organize the lids. An in-drawer knife organizer will also keep your kitchen organized.


Linen closets often become homes to games, boxed childhood memories and of course, linens. Go through each shelf, and get rid of sheets and towels you haven’t used in several years and ones that don’t match the size mattresses you currently use or are faded, stained or the elastic is worn down. Donate old items to the local animal shelter or homeless shelter. Stack complete bed sets and tie together with a ribbon. Place same-sized sets in a basket on the shelves.

Organize old yearbooks and photo albums that are rarely used along the top shelf with bookends or magazine holders.


Laundry rooms have lots of action. They are often the passageway from the garage to the rest of the home and are used weekly for laundry and storage. To maximize storage space, get a retractable clothesline that is easily hidden when not in use or a compact clothes drying rack that can be easily folded up and stowed.

Mail often piles up in laundry rooms as well. Purchase a mesh wall rack to label and organize mail in each slot, such as catalog sales and mail offers, bills to be processed, important announcements (wedding invites, special events), coupons/special offers and more.


The best philosophy with home office organization is: a place for everything and everything in its place. So, start by getting your loose hard-copy files in order by filing them in these great file folders available at The Container Store.

Store magazines, awards and even plants in a large rolling cubby built by you. Or for smaller items and office supplies, fill shelves with some of these IKEA boxes and baskets, and clean up electronic cables with IKEA’s Signum Cable Management system.

Take a day to scan documents you need to keep and save them as PDFs in an ‘Archives’ folder on your computer. But be sure to back up these electronic files before you shred them! Carbonite, an automatic, secure online back-up system for your computer, is a worthwhile investment at just $54.95 per year.

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