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8 Interior design trends for spring


So maybe you’ve noticed lately that your home isn’t looking as fabulous as it could or maybe you just want to do some redecorating this spring. Whatever the case, we’ll let you in on some of the hottest interior design trends for this spring. With these design trends you will have no problem finding the inspiration to tackle your home!

Spring Decor

Going ‘green’ and staying eco-friendly while decorating is a trend seen this spring and is one that is likely to continue. So if you want your home to have a lasting design, going eco-friendly is perfect and with toxic-free house paint, antique cabinet hardware and eco-friendly furniture stores, you will have no problem finding exactly what you are looking for to go ‘green.’

Vintage light fixtures and cabinet hardware are a great way to make a statement in your home this spring. Chandeliers and brushed metal hardware, are great for giving your home a romantic feel. If you can’t afford antique store prices many home improvement stores and consignment stores may have what you are looking for, even IKEA and Walmart have inexpensive options.

According to Pantone, which is considered the world-renowned authority on color, Splashes of Sunshine is the color palette for this spring. However instead of having bright and colorful accent pieces, the bright colors are being seen in the furniture and wall color. Some of popular colors this spring are turquoise, violet, coral and bright yellow.

Be inspired by the outdoors, this spring beaches, mountains and coastlines are a huge inspiration for this springs color palette. Ocean blue, mossy green and turquoise (voted color of the year by Pantone) are colors that are perfect for decorating your home this spring.

Mix up your colors, mix bold and bright with neutrals. If you are a bit worried about painting an entire room a bright color don’t worry you don’t have to, instead paint your walls a neutral color, pink champagne and violet gray are popular this spring and then keep the bright color choices for furniture and accent pieces.

With nature as a popular theme for this spring don’t forget about natural fabrics, from your throw pillows to area rugs natural fabrics are in this spring. Wool, jute and seagrass are perfect materials if you want your home to have a natural appearance without going completely ‘green’ (which is much more costly then simply buying new accent pieces and throws and giving your walls a fresh coat of paint).

Metallic accent pieces are great for creating contrast if you have a room that is overall pretty neutral in color. A great way to do this would be to add a metallic framed mirror or picture frames to a neutral wall for example, a pink champagne wall with a brushed gold mirror or picture frames would give your room a vintage warm appearance. This would be a perfect for any master bedroom.

BEHR also has another way to create contrast with bright colors this spring, which is to mix colors of the same color palette, for example a dark blue with a light blue. A way to do this is to use one color on the wall and use the other color for the accessories. To keep the room from going to color overboard beige and cream furniture work great to offset the color.

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