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10 Ways to make your prom’s “Worst Dressed” list

Like it or not, prom will definitely be a night to remember. Whether it’s the best night of your life, the worst night of your life, or somewhere in between, years from now you will remember (at least) the main details. With a little planning, you can be sure the memories are all good. Find our what prom styles to avoid, and learn from others’ unfortunate prom style mistakes.

Uncomfortable prom shoes

What NOT to wear to prom:

In an effort to make this the most perfect night, you probably have a “to do list” a mile long. Consider creating a “to not do list,” as well. Avoiding some common missteps will save you from regret down the road.

Bad prom style

Don’t over-sparkle

While there’s nothing wrong with getting some attention on prom night, let it be for the right reasons. Iridescent eye shadow from your eyelid crease to your brow bone is unnatural and will really pop (not in a good way) in your photos. Keep the make-up toned down and natural. Resist the urge to look like a hooker.

Bad prom styleDon’t wear uncomfortable shoes

The dance floor is not the place to break in new heels or try 5-inch stilettos for the first time. If you plan to wear new shoes, buy them a few weeks prior so that you can break them in early. Also consider wearing a comfortable pair that you already own.

Bad prom style


Don’t wear a tiara

While prom is a night to feel like a princess, don’t take that too literally. If you can’t resist the bling, chances are, you’ll look back on the pictures and wonder what you were thinking. Unless you’re crowned prom queen or unless you’re five years old, just stay no. Save the diamond-studded crown for your wedding day. Instead, choose one pretty accessory to accent your look.

Bad prom styleDon’t wear plunging necklines

It’s tempting to go over-the-top glamorous for prom, but keep in mind, it is high school not the Oscar’s. It may look fantastic while you’re in the dressing room, but the dance floor is a whole different story. It’s better that your neckline flatters rather than reveals. If you’re going strapless, make sure it fits, so you’re not pulling it up all night.

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Prom style mishaps

Don’t spend a fortune on your dress

Weird prom dress

Prom can be stressful enough. Don’t add to the chaos by racking up a larger-than-necessary bill at the department store. There are so many fashionable, affordable options out there. Find something that expresses your personal style but doesn’t break the bank. Consider making your prom “green” by going vintage.

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Prom style mishapsDon’t go on a blind date

Good or bad, the memory of your prom date will be emblazoned on your mind. You don’t need a steady boyfriend in order to have fun. But avoid an uncomfortable blind date situation. It’s better to ask a friend.

Prom style mishapsDon’t opt for shellacked, crunchy spiral curls

Prom is a great excuse to get your hair done at a salon, but have a clear idea of the look you’d like to achieve. When left in the hands of well-meaning stylist, there’s always a chance you’ll walk away looking like Nellie Olsen from Little House on the Prairie. Curls are fine but strive for a softer, more natural look.

Also (and this is just for our sake): Avoid the Bump-It. Your hair isn’t supposed to look like a pyramid.

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Prom styles to avoid

Weird tan lines with prom dress

Don’t go overboard on the body glitter

A subtle sparkle is flattering but a blinding dose of body glitter may conjure up some misguided disco fever. A light dusting of iridescent powder on your collarbone is the perfect highlight.

Prom styles to avoidDon’t get a facial right before the big night

A pre-prom spa day is a special treat, but if a facial is on the schedule, either make your appointment two weeks before the big night or ask your technician to avoid harsh extractions. There is nothing worse than a red, blotchy complexion on prom night.

Prom styles to avoidDon’t spray tan just before the prom

Spray tanning has almost become a pre-prom ritual, but don’t go into the pumpkin box for the first time just prior to your dance. Do a test run a few weeks before to find out how your skin reacts, how the tan fades and to determine the right shade of “tan.”


Bad prom photo(Eeeek!)  Worst prom photos ever!

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