Real women speak: My favorite way to spend time with girlfriends

Mar 9, 2010 at 11:17 p.m. ET

Remember the special time of going to lunch with the girls from college or meeting at a movie a little early to catch up on everything without interruptions from the kids, husband or work? It still is a great time to connect, as we women need to do.

Woman singing

"Girls night" takes on new meanings as real women get more creative (and in some cases daring) with their times, destinations and activities while still paying homage to dependable stand-bys.

Coffee or tea hour

Roberta from Philadelphia and her friends get their caffeine intake satisfied every Thursday night. "Thursdays seem to work because we're all excited about the weekend and our to-do lists are the shortest. We all meet at local coffee shops after lunch and just chat and, of course, gossip!"

Wine tasting

Local wine bars and many restaurants frequently offer some version of a wine tasting event. You usually have to pay an entrance fee and then sample the endless selection. Check your local events calendar, grab your best gal pals and make sure you have a designated driver.

Drinks & appetizers

Whether it's tappas, sushi or good ole fashioned beer and deep fried appetizers, set up a date with friends like Cassandra from San Diego who likes the feeling, albeit short, of not worrying about "the kids, the husband, the dog and the housework".


You don't have to be the next American Idol; you just have to have a good attitude and, as Nada from Milwaukee says, "be ready and OK with it to be laughed at". You'll be creating memories that last a life time.


There are so many things to choose from in this category as a great way to spend time with your friends while doing something good for your body. Andrea is a mom who runs her own bootcamp in Arizona and encourages joining as a group, or falling into an existing one to benefit from the moral support that women tend to give each other when it's time to "sweat like a girl".

Pole dancing

We can't forget Demi Moore's body in the movie Striptease after pole dancing for months on end in preparation for her role. While Kaylie from Scottsdale may not be a stripper for real, she's actually a financial analyst, she still says to "lose the inhibitions and give it a go!"


Jackie in New York says that she likes the feeling of volunteering and sharing the experiences with her friends. Find a local organization and pass on positive energy to your female posse while helping your community, church or school.

When you go out with your girlfriends, put away the gadgets, like cell phones. However great technology is at keeping us linked to the outside world, it has also become the nemesis and source of interruptions at girl's night out dinner tables everywhere. Remember, that most of these activities for girls' night out can easily converted to a girls' night in!