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Steal the look: Oscar hair

We had a front-row seat to the 2010 Academy Awards, and though there were quite a few style hits and misses, there were absolutely abundant hair themes to be noted. Here’s how you can steal these fab Oscar hair looks without throwing cash at a stylist… perfect for the prom crowd!

Anna Kendrick

Pamela Kelly, National Director of Technical Services for Fantastic Sams, noted that the 2010 Oscars were all about sleek, sophisticated hair, and whether pinned up or tressed down, red carpet looks shared polished strands. Hair this awards season was about classy, timeless appeal. With the majority of dresses appearing to be strapless–a classic up do allows a feminine display of the shoulders and elongates the neck for a formal style

Pamela shared some tips on recreating some of the most popular looks from the Red Carpet – adapt them to your own life, whether it’s prom night or a quiet night at home

The Return of the Chignon

This classic hairstyle was a favorite among many celebrities. In fact, it appeared to be the most popular on the red carpet! Stars like Vera Farmiga (Up In The Air), E! Host Juliana Rancic, Anna Kendrick (Up In The Air), Charlize Theron, and Elizabeth Banks sported classic chignon styles.

Juliana Rancic wore a knotted chignon that added elegant detail to her total look. Up In The Air costars Farmiga and Kendrick paired their chignons with side swept bangs and side details.

“My personal favorites showing off their chignons were Faith Hill and Demi Moore. With side swept parts that added slight volume to the front of the style, the chignons were secured behind one ear with a tousled effect providing an asymmetrical look. Very classy and elegant,” says Pamela

How to steal the look

Brush hair straight back and secure a pony tail low, at the base of the neck. Roll the ponytail towards the nape of the neck and secure with bobby pins. For a textured, tousled look, lightly separate the secured chignon with your fingers. Spray with shaping spray. This lightweight spray will keep the chignon in place without making it too stiff and unnatural looking.

Want the look Juliana was wearing? Once the ponytail has been secured with an elastic band, separate into 4 smaller sections. Take each strand and twist until the section coils into place. Secure with bobby pins. Continue until 4 sections have been coiled and pinned into place.

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