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How to decorate your entryway for under $100


It’s always important to make a good first impression. That’s particularly true of your home’s entryway. It’s the first and most important thing people see, and it says a whole lot about you. But decking out your front hall need not be expensive. In fact, there are several ways to spruce up your welcome-to-my-home (mi casa, su casa) space for under $100.

Entryway for under $100Step 1: Paint

Designers will tell you one of the fastest, least expensive and easiest ways to make an impact in your home is to paint your space. Not only will adding color draw the eye up, it will also make the space (especially smaller entryways) look bigger than it actually is. On top of that, paint can easily be changed to suit your mood — darker colors work for the fall and lighter or brighter colors are best in the spring/summer.

Step 2: Add a decorative table

Almost all foyers need some sort of a table. Not only do they serve as a great focal point for the entryway, they can also serve as a place for people to toss small items (including keys or wallets). An inexpensive option is to purchase a vintage table and refurbish it. If you’re not the kind to fix-it-up, then opt for something simple, like a glass-top table. Just remember, when purchasing such objects measure your space first. You never want something to block or hinder the flow of traffic.

Step 3: Get a rug

Yes, it’s true, most people enter a home by looking forward or looking up to the walls, but it’s almost important to pay attention to the floor your guests tread on. So cover your hardwood (or carpet floors) with a chic rug or carpet. Not only are most rugs inexpensive, they come in a plethora of styles and patterns that will suit any space.

Step 4: Add a mirror

Entryways tend to feel cramped — they are often narrow in width and length. One of the best ways to lengthen them is to buy an inexpensive mirror. The glass creates an illusion, making any space feel larger than it actually seems. On top of that, they can add sparkle and shine to an otherwise dull doorway.

Step 5: Give your doorway life

Homes decorated with flowers and plants always feel more welcome than those without, which is why adding either to your doorway is an easy way to help your guests feel welcome. As an added bonus, natural elements can often break up the hard-edged look of streamlined furniture pieces, giving your space a more welcoming air.

Step 6: The nose knows

Real estate agents often light candles or throw a pie in the oven to make prospective buyers feel welcome in a space. The same goes for you and opening up your entryway. Lighting a candle or essential oils near your doorway will offer a welcoming scent to visitors entering your home. The only thing to remember: Enhance your space with a fragrance that’s subtle, not overpowering…some scents — like cinnamon — can detract, instead of attract, a potential visitor.

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