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How to redecorate your family room without buying anything new

Freshen up your stale family room without buying anything new! It’s not impossible. Instead of resorting to shopping every time you need to fill an empty space in your home, look around your house for items to reuse elsewhere. You will be surprised at how much you can do with furniture and accessories you already own. A little creativity will go a long way, and you will have a redecorated family room in nothing flat.

Family in clutter-free family roomStep 1: Rearrange your furniture

Think outside of the box and try out some new arrangements. You might find that simply moving a piece of furniture makes the room seem to grow. You might even catch your entire family watching a movie together in your new un-cramped family room.

Step 2: Decorate with vacation pictures

Pick your favorite scenic photographs and hang them up on the walls or put them in picture frames. Why pay for someone else’s photograph? Using your own will add a personalized feel in your family room as well as a great conversation starter.

Step 3: Recycle, reduce, reuse!

Reduce clutter in other rooms in the house and move items into the family room. Have an extra floor lamp in the office? Move it to the family room to fill up that empty space that’s been bothering you for months. Go through all of the rooms in your house — we bet you’ll find a few items perfectly suited for your family room.

Step 4: Feng Shui

Add some balance to your home with feng shui. Maybe that stress you’ve felt lately will disappear when you rearrange your space accordingly. Start by brightening all dark areas and corners. This will immediately lighten up the entire space. Also, turn all furniture so that it faces the door and remove electronics from the focal point of the room. These few basics will set you on the path to a well balanced family room.

Step 5: De-clutter

This one may seem obvious, but take a good, long look around your family room. Imagine it without the dog beds, dog toys, kids’ toys and old magazines. Removing these extra items from the room will immediately open up the space, allowing you to relax in a clean, organized family room.

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