How to decorate your foyer

Some homes have grand foyers, while others have nothing more than a front door that leads right into the living room. No matter your space, use these easy steps to create a welcoming entrance-way to your home. Better yet, you can accomplish this project in just 24 hours!

Mirror in FoyerStep 1: Use color

Switching up the color scheme in your foyer is a quick, easy way to make a change. If you want to make sure your home is on trend, you can always check the Pantone Fashion Color Report as this is a great predictor of what colors are going to make their way from the runway to the hallway each season.


For a more timeless look, stick with a strong neutral that will help define the space. Think of colors like a rich brown, mahogany or even a deep jewel tone. However, you must also consider the layout of your foyer. If it’s large or isn’t clearly defined (ie, your front door opens directly into your living room), a strong color will work. If the space is cramped, though, stick with a lighter tone to avoid making the space feel even smaller.


Step 2: Dress your windows

Replacing the window coverings around your entry door makes a big impact. Be sure that your valances or curtains contrast with the surrounding wall color you’ve chosen. If you chose a rich brown for the walls, use a soft buttery yellow for the window coverings. If your walls are light, you can use bolder colors on the windows. Decorative window film, available at Home Depot, is another option to help you dress up your foyer and provide a little privacy.

Step 3: Add an area rug

This is an absolute must. It serves the dual purpose of keeping dirt off your nice, clean floors and also warms up the foyer area. A darker area rug is better as this will keep the dirt hidden away. The rug should be wider than the front door, especially if it is placed immediately in front of the door. This helps the rug look substantial enough for the space.

Step 4: Create a seating area

If your foyer is large enough to add a bench or a couple chairs, this is a great way to add seating. A bench provides additional storage underneath it for shoes and boots, while chairs give the foyer a homey feel. Cushions and seat covers can be used to tie in accent colors.

Step 5: Start decorating

Now that you’ve made all the functional changes to the foyer, it’s time for some fun, decorative accents. A mirror is a must because it gives the illusion of space – especially helpful for a small foyer. A narrow foyer table with a table lamp and framed pictures is another common addition. Be sure to add a decorative glass dish or bowl to catch keys and other necessities. Think outside the box and look at antique stores for a vintage silver platter or get a creative glass bowl from your local kitchen store.

Need some ideas for your foyer?

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