Spring clean your skin care routine

Spring cleaning shouldn’t be confined to your bedroom or basement. De-clutter your makeup bag and clean up your tools so you’ll have the freshest face this season. SheKnows tells you what to keep, what to toss and what to clean up.

Spring Clean Makeup Bag

Toss mascara after 2 months

“If you find yourself fighting a force field barring you from pulling your wand from the mascara tube it’s time for a change,” says Vanessa Elese, a highly respected celebrity makeup artist and beauty expert. “With regular, daily use, mascaras are usually good for only about two months.” Regularly replacing your mascara keeps your eyes safe from harmful bacteria that can build up on the wand and in the tube.

Lip gloss might last for a year

Lip gloss is meant to pop on your lips, not dribble on like molasses. If it is goopy, toss it! “Lip gloss usually lasts for about a year. Also,try not to share your gloss or mascara if you apply directly from the tube,” Elese says.

Clean up your act

You wouldn’t wear your clothes for two weeks straight without cleaning them, right? So why would you use dirty makeup brushes? While Vanessa prefers to wash her tools once a week because she works with a variety of clients, washing every two weeks is perfect for normal use.

One of Elese’s favorite brush cleaners is from Cover FX. “The Cover FX Brush Cleanser is an easy-to-use antibacterial cleanser. Simply dip your brush in a small cup of the mixture and brush clean on a towel. With the added benefit of tea tree oil, which is a fantastic antibacterial/antifungal remedy, it also conditions your brushes so they stay in great shape.”

Out with the old, in with the new

Once you declutter the old, you can begin stocking up on the new — our favorite part. Spring beauty care is all about the transition from a battle with the dry, frigid winter months to a less rigid regimen; it involves subtle changes to your moisturizing routine to ensure a magnificent glow in your visage.  Switch to a slightly lighter moisturizer that still guarantees softness. Make sure it also gives you the protective, restorative qualities necessary for gorgeous glowing skin year ’round.


As for lips, remember: It’s spring! “Blooming petals are signs of a flourishing spring season to come,” Elese says.


To match the “pretty in pink” look, think melon rather than blushing pink.  A succulent shade of melon with subtle hues of rose will brighten your complexion –a simple one-step wonder for a quick pick-me-up.  Try Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain Le Brillant Jewel Lipstick Compact, a brilliant creamy lipstick with a stain-like finish.  The melony-pink Brenda shade is perfect for the spring pout.


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