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Chocolate gift ideas for your man

There is perhaps no better gift for Valentine’s Day than chocolate. It’s sweet, it’s dark, it’s rich–everything your man should be! And, if he’s all that, you should reward him with a decadent dessert gift this heart day. Here are some chocolate gift ideas to bestow upon your honey this V-day.

Chocolate Heart with Coffee

Decadent drink

For a proper after-dinner drink with a chocolaty kick, give your man a bottle of Godiva Liqueur. With flavors such as Chocolate, White Chocolate, Caramel and Mocha, you can’t go wrong. Pour it over ice cream or serve it on the rocks to warm up the night.

Dip it for dessert

Treat your man to a decadent dessert at a fondue restaurant. There is something ultra-sensual about dipping your food in an ooey gooey substance like chocolate–not to mention the fact that chocolate’s an aphrodisiac! Enjoy feeding each other and licking the drippings; bonus if the fondue restaurant you frequent has private booths with curtains. If you are working on a shoestring budget this V-day, break out your fondue pot or melt some chocolate in a double boiler, dim the lights and turn on the sensual tunes. On the plus side of this, you’ll already be at home… so you can get down to business as soon as dessert is done!

Make it custom

If you’re dying to share a special message with your man but you’re not sure how to say it, say it in chocolate! At, you can emblazon M&Ms (in your choice of colour) with a two-line message or even your picture, and even choose the packaging.

Caffeine craver’s delight

Give your night-owl man the gift of an energy boost this Valentine’s Day with a double dose of caffeine. Miss Ellie’s Chocolate and Coffee Basket includes a variety of Miss Ellie’s Southern Blends coffee, an assortment of chocolates, a Miss Ellie’s coffee mug and Coffeemate creamers. If he’s the type who needs his coffee before he can even say “good morning,” this gift will have him bright-eyed in no time!

Metro man’s menu

If your man likes to spend time grooming his fine self, why not help him out? Give him the gift of chocolate sans calories with the Espresso Chocolate Body Collection from Sephora. This line includes scents of espresso and chocolate, along with hydrating ingredients to soften the skin. Try the Espresso Chocolate Body Butter, Body Scrub or Body Wash.

Food for thought

After he dines on his favorite meal of Chinese food, surprise your man with a more personalized fortune cookie–one that is covered in chocolate! Fancy Fortune Cookies offers chocolate-covered fortune cookie flavors that include cappuccino, vanilla, coconut, orange and raspberry. You can even include up to five personalized fortune messages and opt for sprinkles, too.

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