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6 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your pet

You don’t have to be in a serious relationship to celebrate Valentine’s Day. After all, if you have a cat or dog, you probably already know what unconditional love is.

Valentine's Day with Doberman

Regardless of whether you gained ten pounds or if you said regrettable things the night before last, your pet will still eagerly greet you at the door and shower you with kisses. So why not show your own undying affection to your four-legged friend?

Here are some ideas that are bound to induce some purring and tail wagging.

Snuggie for Dogs

It’s here! You may have thought the Snuggie’s 15 minutes of fame were up, but sure enough the wearable blanket is now available in a four-legged version for dogs. Although we wouldn’t recommend it for picky pooches, it could be worth a shot for those living in cold climates – and at the very least, it will make for one amusing photo. , $9.99

Pawz Dog Boots

Speaking of cold-weather canines, snow and ice can present serious danger for dogs: Sidewalk ice melters can irritate paws and are poisonous when ingested, as is antifreeze. Keep your pup out of harm’s way and consider treating him or her to a pair of Pawz Dog Boots. Available in a host of spiffy shades, these waterproof rubber boots are as stylish as they are functional., $13 and up

Leona’s Catnip Pillow

Talk about double duty: Not only will this catnip pillow entertain your kitty for hours on-end, but 100% of its proceeds will go back to Tree House Humane Society, a Chicago-based no-kill cat shelter. Made from 100% certified organic catnip, this is one gift that will literally keep on giving.

Tree House Human Society ,  $3


Nothing says “I love you” quite like a box of freshly baked goods. If you barely have enough time to prepare yourself food, let alone special dishes for your dog, check out these heart-shaped chicken-flavored treats from The Honest Kitchen. The only downfall is that they may very likely provoke your puppy to beg for more. , $8 (8 oz box); $12 (16 oz box)

Peek ‘n Play Toy Box

We don’t advocate mind games, but a little playtime can benefit cats’ mental and physical prowess. This hide-and-seek game keeps kittens on their toes by forcing them to dig in the box to detect their favorite toys. May the games begin!

Peek N’ Play Toy Box,  $19.99


Let sleeping dogs lie, or so the saying goes. But what are you supposed to do when you have to schlep your pet across town? That’s where the Sleepypod comes in handy. Boasting a plush interior and an adjustable dome top, this mobile pet bed allows your four-legged friend to feel right at home, whether traveling by train, plain or automobile. Lucky for you, that means no more chasing Fido around the house in order to get him into the car., $140 and up

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