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Valentine’s Day date outfits for every body type

Forget trying to decide on a present — we know the real headache you’re having is what to wear this Valentine’s Day. Here, we’ve got outfit ideas that’ll suit your mood and flatter your body type.

Showing off Your stems

Want to show off your sexy legs? Go for a mini dress. Luckily mini dresses and skirts are quite in style this season and really, there’s no better way to show off those lovely legs. To balance out the look, make sure your top isn’t too low-cut. If you’ve opted for a mini dress, also make sure it isn’t too tight so you can avoid looking overly risqué.

As a good rule of thumb, if you’re going for an extra short skirt, go more conservative on top (and vice versa!).


Hiding the thighs

If the last thing you want to do is draw attention to your legs and thighs, you can always opt for a pair of dark denim or black trousers. Wide leg trousers will make your legs appear longer and slimmer. To really elongate your legs, wear those trousers with heels and make sure your pants hems are just above the floor.

If you do want to try a dress or skirt, look for one that hits right above the knee. You can also slim the legs with some black tights.

With either look, you can still inject some sex appeal with some super tall shoes and pairing your skirt or pants with a low-cut top in a bold color.


Emphasizing cleavage
You know the drill — V-neck blouses, tops, tanks and a push-up bra are your best friends. But to really get creative, wear your lingerie under your outfit for the evening and let a bit of it peek through. Don’t be afraid to show a little lace or a cute bow lurking at the top of your dress. He’ll get the picture – and he’ll want to see more!

Rockin’ red

We know, it’s daring. It’s bold. And you likely don’t want to do it. But red is this spring’s power color, and an obvious choice for Valentine’s Day. How to wear it? The key is finding the right shade of red for your skin tone. If you have lighter skin, you can pull of a bright, bold red. Darker skin tones can try deep red shades and also orangey-reds. If you’re hesitant for either, look for lighter, pastel shades of red. Pair with nude (not black) accessories to soften the overall look. And since it’s V-day, after all, go ahead and rock a bright red lip or nails to match.


Don’t underestimate materials when thinking of sexy outfits. Silks, satins and anything lacy will have him thinking bedroom thoughts.  

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