Spring-clean your closet

Cleaning the closet: Doesn’t it sound glam? Maybe not, we promise: Once it’s done, you’ll feel absolutely fabulous. Here are six tips to get your closet in tip-top shape, and it’s practically pain free.

Cleaning clost

Sort by category.

Do you really need 30 pairs of jeans and 30 pairs of trousers? Start by going through each category of clothing (dresses, tops, pants, etc.) and tossing what you haven’t worn in the past year. You likely won’t wear it again.

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Identify your staples.

Black pants, white buttondowns, LBDs, a trench coat… these are just some of your go-to staples that you likely won’t want to ditch. Take a good look at them before deciding to hang onto them, though. Are they out of date? If your black pants have pleats, front pockets or other outdated detailing, it might be time to toss them to make room for a more current pair.

Clothes pile

Make a “maybe” pile.

We know: Letting go is hard. That’s why you make a “maybe” pile for items that you haven’t worn in the past year but don’t have the heart to part with yet. Put each piece aside or in a box somewhere. In six months, if you still haven’t worn it, off to charity it goes.

Make a “fix it” pile.

You probably have plenty of items you would wear but haven’t gotten around to fixing yet. Group these together in a “Fix It” pile to deal with later.

Try it on.

Does it fit? Is it flattering? Most importantly, do you love it? If not, toss it into one of the piles.

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See by Choe Blouse

Make a list.

Here’s one to get you started. If you’ve gotten rid of (or don’t have) these essential pieces, replenish your wardrobe with the following, just in time for spring:

  • A crisp, cream blazer
  • An LBD
  • A new white blouse
  • A floral-print piece
  • A red accessory
  • New tees/tanks


You may not realize it, but wardrobe staples such as basic tees and tanks often need to be replaced every new season.

Once you’ve gone through your items and identified how you can fill in the gaps, you’ll realize you have a totally refreshed, working wardrobe! And just like that, getting dressed in the morning is so much easier. 

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