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Flatter your favorite features

As we deal with post-Christmas bloat and pre-spring fear, there are a lot of us that are unhappy with parts of our bodies. But negativity will just make you feel worse! We surveyed readers from across the nation and found out a lot of us have common body parts we love and loathe! Check out our guide below for some helpful tips about flattering your favorite features.

Woman showing off small butt


“I have DD breasts and have had a difficult time being grateful for them. It has always been difficult to find clothes that fit, that flatter, and that don’t show too much. Not to mention the
weight, the extra soreness, and the extra unwanted attention!” says Jenna Edwards of New York City.

Jenna visited a professional bra fitter and finally found ways to control their shape. Now that she has the correct support and shape, clothes fit better than ever. “I even look smaller,
younger, and thinner. And I appreciate them more! Clothes have been much more fun to shop for! I consider myself fortunate to be able to create a healthy, smooth décolleté and
cleavage in a nice wrap dress!”

Small Bust

As a 34AA-sporting girl, I was personally interested in wearing clothes that would flatter a girl that was small on top. We might be able to fit into those tight-fitting sweaters – but trust
me, that’s not always a flattering thing! We consulted Allison, an associate at Victoria’s Secret, and she gave some much-appreciated advice that may seem obvious but is so important!
“Wear the correct bra size!”

Too many women wear the wrong bra size. Signs that you’re making the same mistake include: constantly falling down straps; straps that dig into the back; underwire that fits above the bottom of the
breast; cups that flatten out the bust. If you’ve noticed any of these signs, it’s time to buy a new bra. The best idea is to get professionally sized. With the proper size, the breast should be
between the shoulder and the elbow if your arm is straight down. The right bra will not only feel better, it will make all of your clothes fit better, too. Another great tip: Wear details at the
bust: Anything centered on the bust will make it seem larger, which is why peasant tops are a small busted girl’s best friend.


Whether your lips are full or thin, many of us want them to look sexier. To make thin lips look fuller, celebrity makeup artist Brett Freedman says to apply a neutral lip liner just outside the lip
line. Fill in the entire mouth with the pencil. Powder lightly.  Apply a gloss that has a juicy pop of color on lips. Not too dark. That will make lips look smaller and maybe even terse! 
MAC Spice liner is a terrific neutral shade. Neutrogena glosses are all very flattering. Alternatively, to downplay fuller lips: Angelina Jolie used to wear almost nude lipstick to take the focus
off her prominent pucker. No need to go that far. Brett says to resist glosses all over lips. Get your lift of color from sheer lip glazes. Add a touch of gloss to just the center of the bottom
lip. Resist putting gloss over entire mouth and especially the lip line. Clinique’s Black Honey Almost Lipstick is really pretty with a satiny finish.


“The one feature I don’t “feature” is my legs. They are not bad but I wish they were a bit longer. They are quite muscular, although the ankles are slender enough,”
says Barbara DesChamps, a wardrobe consultant from Nevada City, California. A flattering option for Barbara would be to take pride in what the universe gave her. “Show those gams off by
tucking tight-fitting skinny jeans or leggings into boots!” suggests Kami Gray, a TV and Film wardrobe stylist.


“I love my hazel eyes so use a grey pencil liner on my lid and I line the inner edge of my lid.  I finish it off with mascara to make the eyes look sexy,” shares Diahna Lynn, owner
of Maryland’s Diahna Lynn Hair Enhancement Studio. Another great option, says Kami Gray, is to bring out the most in your eyes by getting your brows shaped and lining bottom of inner eyelid
with concealer and top of inner eyelid with dark brown or black liquid (gel) eyeliner. Va va voom!


Whether you have skinny or heavier arms, the most flattering style is one that is form-fitting. Even muscled arms look best this way! A more tailored, closer-fitting top is going to do
wonders for your overall look, including your arms. Even women with large upper arms can wear a sleeveless top.


“My butt is on the smaller side so I wear jeans with extra material on the pockets or a design on the pockets it makes my butt look a little fuller,” Says Diahna.  We love it!
Also: “Get a pair of Hudson bootcut jeans. For the average person, these make your butt more shapely. For someone with an already shapely butt, you’ll look like you do an hour’s worth of
lunges at the gym every day!” says Kami Gray.

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