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Guide to mixing and matching decor pieces

Although you can certainly decorate your home in a perfectly matched style, using a mix and match technique can create a look that is interesting and uniquely your own. Though matched furniture pieces and other decor items can create a pleasing effect, many people prefer the more eclectic look that can be created when different styles of furniture, different colors and even different decorating styles are used together in the same room. There are even decorating styles that are based on this overall approach, such as “shabby chic” and other methods of combining multiple styles of furnishings to create a personalized look. Here are a few guidelines to help you make the most of your mix and match decorating style.

Living Room

Use furniture pieces in new ways

One effective way of incorporating a mix and match decorating style in a room is to use pieces of furniture in inventive new ways. For example, if you have a tall narrow chest of drawers like those commonly used in a bedroom, consider putting it in the dining room to store table linens and other accessories. Top it with a table lamp or a collection of candles. Use a stack of old suitcases or hat boxes in place of an end table. If you have a favorite small writing desk, try placing it in the foyer and using the drawers to store items such as a compact umbrella, keys, gloves and other items that you need to grab as you leave the house each day. This method of using furniture in new ways not only saves money, but can provide a way of using favorite pieces of furniture to create a unique and attractive look.

Tying together different pieces with color

You can help tie together your overall mix and match style by using a decorating color palette that is based on two neutral shades combined with two accent colors. By using this color scheme as a base, you can insure that your eclectic furnishings will still blend together nicely, without losing the overall decorating details in a sea of different colors. Try using different fabrics and textures that include your base and accent colors.

Combine matching pieces with unrelated items

To create an attractive mixed and matched look in a room, start with one or two pieces of furniture that do match, either in style, color or fabric. Then, using your palette of two neutral and two accent colors described above as a guide, look for accessories and other furniture pieces that don’t exactly match but share something in common, such as a color or texture. This is a nice way of creating a varied look that still has touches of similarities between the furnishings.

Add a few surprising accent pieces

Part of the fun of mixing and matching decor items is adding a few pieces that are totally different in style. These items can often serve as an interesting focal point in the room, such as an unusual piece of classical statue art combined with a modern style of decorating. You can use favorite pieces of art or collectibles that you already own, or shop second-hand stores, flea markets and garage sales for unique finds that can add a one-of-a-kind look to your mix and match style.

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