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Tips for accessorizing your walls

Accessorizing your walls can be a fun way to decorate your home. There are so many different types of wall decorations available that you will find it easy to find accessories that look great with your current home style.

Living room decorated with mirrors

You can also craft your own wall decorations for a one-of-a-kind look. Here are some tips to get you started on your own decorating ideas.

Use mirrors to make rooms look larger

Accessorizing your walls with mirrors not only adds additional reflective light to a room, but will also give the illusion of making your rooms seem larger than they really are. Mirrors are available in many different styles, sizes and shapes, so you will be able to find traditional mirrors as well as sleek contemporary mirrors that will look great with any decorating style. Create a focal point in the room with one large ornate mirror, or create a grouping of smaller mirrors to add visual interest.

Decorate with collectibles

If you have a collection that you are currently keeping in the closet or a drawer, use it to decorate your walls. For example, a collection of china plates or collectible spoons can be used to add interest to the kitchen, or hang vintage movie posters in the home theater or media room for a fun authentic touch. Small collectibles can be displayed in display cases, shadow box frames or as a small grouping on a shelf.

Family photos

A collection of family photos can add a personalized touch to the walls of your home. Try creating a grouping of vintage photos in decorative frames, or make a display on a wall shelf of your family vacation photos. You can display just a single photo, group several together in a random fashion or choose those that go together to represent a single theme. Choose frames that complement the photos for a decorator touch.

Add a musical theme with instruments

If you are a musician or love music, you can decorate a wall with a combination of real musical instruments, sheet music, record album covers and music posters for a fun look. This can be especially effective in a media room or game room.

Framed paintings and prints

Paintings and prints are always a good choice when accessorizing your walls. Choose a single framed piece of art to display in a prominent location as a focal point, combine a number of smaller pieces of art as a collection or simply add one small painting in a nook. No matter how you display it, framed art makes an excellent wall accessory.

Decorate walls with stenciling

You can also accessorize your walls with painted designs, using leftover wall paint or bottles of craft paint. Purchase some stencils, or cut your own from acetate sheets. Using a stencil brush and paint, stencil patterns onto the wall for an interesting effect. Stencils can be used to create a border around the room, or create an overall pattern on one or more walls. You can also add a stenciled design on only one area of the wall, such as using lettering stencils to add a quotation or poem.

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