5 Ideas for a blue kitchen

If you are trying to decide on a primary color when decorating a kitchen, consider cobalt blue. This luxuriant shade is as intense as the deepest blue of a clear summer sky, and it is very eye catching, rich and impressive.

Cobalt Blue Vases

A number of unique accessories are available in cobalt blue, and it is an excellent choice in almost any kitchen. When decorating a kitchen in cobalt blue, consider the following easy ideas and transform the most popular room in the home into an opulent showplace that will create a striking impression.

1. shift into neutral for Wall Colors

When choosing for a wall color for a kitchen with cobalt blue accessories, consider a rich shade of tan or creamy beige instead of a lighter shade of cerulean. Neutral colors will help highlight the accessories while giving the kitchen an open and airy feel. Paint the ceiling white or the same color as the walls to make the kitchen appear larger.

How about a tile backsplash around the kitchen countertop area of the wall? Two or three shades of tan look striking when dotted by occasional cobalt tiles. Visit your local home improvement or tile and flooring store for more ideas. You will find everything from iridescent glass to natural clay tiles. Any neutral color goes well with cobalt blue, and the options and styles are virtually endless.

2. Can it with Cobalt

Cobalt blue glass canisters work well in the blue kitchen. They are available with matching glass or metal hinged or unhinged lids, but they all have one thing in common: Their striking color makes them breathtakingly beautiful. Even if the glass does not have raised designs or fancy etchings, the color makes these a lovely addition to almost any kitchen.

3. accent with Cobalt Blue Vases

Search for translucent glass vases of various sizes. A small vase can be placed on the kitchen countertop, on a shelf or on a windowsill where it will catch the light. Larger vases look remarkable when filled with real or artificial floral displays, and they make lovely table centerpieces no matter the time of year. Fill the base with clear glass marbles to hold artificial stems in place.

4. drink to cobalt blue

The glassware you choose when decorating your kitchen is as important as wall decor and other accents. Cobalt blue plates, bowls, stemware and glasses are available in many different weights and styles, and even the budget varieties in discount stores can be extraordinarily beautiful. They will make your table more impressive than ever while adding color and style.

5. put some blues in your art

Add a finishing touch to a cobalt blue kitchen with stylish wall art that uses blue as an accent. Whether the artwork is contemporary or traditional, it will bring out the primary accent color elsewhere in the kitchen while adding style and beauty to the room.

Cobalt blue is a lively, impressive color — an excellent choice for anyone wanting to bring the beauty of a deep blue sky into her kitchen.


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