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Creative tile ideas for a bathroom

Adding tile areas to a bathroom is a great way to add visual interest, as well as make the room appear more updated and stylish. Tile is available in an almost endless array of colors, sizes and styles, and is easy to maintain, beautiful to look at and perfect for the bathroom.

Bathroom with backsplash

Choosing Tile Colors

Just as with paint and other color elements within a room, the color and style of the tile you choose can help set the overall mood. While some people prefer neutral colors when choosing tile — due to the fact that it is generally considered a permanent element — you can create some dramatic effects with boldly colored tile, as well.

Lighter colors of tile will tend to make the room seem larger and more airy, while bold or dark colors will add drama. Some people prefer to combine the two by using an overall light neutral shade for most of the tile, while adding a colored tile border or by using accent color tiles intermixed with the lighter ones.

use tile throughout the bathroom

While some people think of only the shower or bathtub area when considering tile for the bathroom, there are many other areas that can benefit from a tile surface. Consider adding a tile backsplash behind the sink and vanity area. It looks great, protects the wall from splashes and is easy to keep clean. You could also include some special-purpose tiles in this area, such as those designed to hold soap, cups or toothbrushes.

Consider tiling a wall

While tile is generally reserved for the floor, it’s great on bathroom walls, too. Create a uniform look by matching the tile to the floor, or you can add contrast by using colored tiles or a different pattern of tiles. For example, while you might include an eggshell colored tile in the shower, clay or taupe colored tiles could be used on the walls to create an accent. You might also choose to use the tile color and pattern from one area of the room to border the tile used in another area. This helps blend the styles together.

And of course, never underestimate the impact that a tile floor can have in a bathroom. Tile floors add style and class to the bathroom, and they hold up well to moisture. Choose tile that isn’t too slippery when wet, just to be safe. Most tiles sold at home improvement stores are fine for bathroom use. Slate tile has a rougher texture and is the least slippery.

Add Small Splashes of Tile Color

Even if you don’t choose to tile large areas, you can add tile to your bathroom in smaller ways. For instance, you can create a chair rail or border out of small square tiles or tile border pieces. These touches are easy and inexpensive, but add a lot of color and style.

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