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Design a black and white bathroom

Black and white are elegant color choices that can give a bathroom a crisp appearance. Their simplicity makes accenting with other colors easy and stylish — or you can decorate the entire room in black and white for a unique decorator touch.

Black and white bathroom

Black and white are great colors for the bathroom because, chances are, your bathroom fixtures (tub, sink and toilet) are already white. Here are a few decorating tips to run with the black and white theme in your bathroom:

Determine an overall look

When you consider how color affects the overall mood of a room, the combination of black and white is an interesting approach. White helps to create a sense of space, while black creates excitement, drama and sophistication. The combination of these two colors creates a very striking effect when used to decorate a room. There are many different styles you can achieve with black and white, including a retro look, a sleek and elegant look or even a playful look in the bathroom.

use Bold Areas of Black and White

Create a dramatic display by painting one wall black and adding a large mirror or art piece as a focal point. Another way of adding a large expanse of black to a bathroom is to use black ceramic tile on one wall. It’s both beautiful and durable, plus it’s easy to clean and care for.

If a black wall is too dramatic for your tastes, leave the walls white and add touches of black. Consider using black tile on the lower portions of the walls, or add a border of black tile around the room at chair-rail height, or even as a border around the top of the room instead of using wallpaper border.

Another visually impressive use of black and white in the bathroom is checkered tile, either on the walls or on the floor, which lends a retro feel. Stencils can add black details to a white wall, or even white details to a black wall.

Incorporate black and white accents

If you’re not quite ready to commit to black as a focal point in your bathroom, stick with mostly white for the walls and tiled areas; add black elements in the form of curtain toppers, shower curtains, shelves or other accessories. Curtains can be bold and dramatic in solid black, or fun and playful in a black and white pattern or checks. Black and white plaid has a tailored look, black and white stripes always look crisp and neat, and a scenic toile print in black and white will give the room country French charm.

Change the overall mood in your bathroom with other types of black accessories like a glossy black glass vase filled with white flowers or black wrought iron accessories. Whichever you choose, your black and white bathroom is sure to be a classic, striking beauty.

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