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10 Chinese beauty secrets we’d like to steal

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to visit Macau and mainland China. While I was technically there to experience the food and the culture, I was all about staring down the beautiful people around me. My goal: Learn their beauty secrets, and steal them! Read on for some of the best tips I brought home with me.

Chinese woman drinking tea

Complexion Perfection

Perfect porcelain skin is the norm in China, and it’s something we here in the West should strive for as well. We can do so with ease now that matte is back in vogue — it helps to create a
doll-like flawless face. To make it happen for you, start with a great sheer foundation, use concealer where needed (under eyes, around the nose,) and finish off with a rich, cottony, matte powder.
Make sure the powder is really finely milled so that it blends seamlessly into the skin. You should not look like you put tons of powder on; your skin should just look smooth and flawless.

Forget Dieting, Drink Tea

The Chinese swear by the anti-aging and weight loss effects of white, green and oolong tea. We can learn from them: It’s delicious, full of health benefits and will keep our hands warm when it’s
cold out.

Go Nutty

Camellia nut oil is used frequently in the Asian world for the promotion of hair growth on the scalp and also as a conditioning oil for the face. Easily found here as well, it has countless
nourishing and softening benefits and can help with everything from minimizing stretch marks to treating burns.

Get a Massage

On a recent trip to Macau, I was treated to the most amazing foot massage — and learned a great deal about the Chinese belief in the power of reflexology. Massage doesn’t just feel great — it
helps the skin by increasing blood flow, aiding in lymphatic drainage, detoxifying and speeding the healing process in all systems of the body. It’s super popular in Macau and mainland China as
well and quite reasonable: 45 minutes will run you under 10 USD!

Nature Has the Answers

Chinese women emphasize beauty routines based on natural products, often with key ingredients such as ginseng and green tea. They find natural components to be safer and better than those found in
labs. Why haven’t we figured this out yet?

No to 2-in-1 Products

Chinese women value ritual for their beauty regimen and consider each step valuable as part of the process. So, while we may think that a foot cream that doubles as a body lotion is fabulous,
they’d never consider it over there.

Even Your Skin Tone

Chinese women value smooth complexions, and skin-tone evening products are very popular. You can try this on your own with a great highlighter. Try a light pink or even an alabaster white — it
really makes big difference to the face!

The Hues of Plum

While skin is perfect and porcelain, color is huge in China. Celebrity makeup artist of Gotham Skincare, Judith Seeherman suggests plum hues with red, brown and mauve undertones that speak volumes
on the lips.

Perfect Liner

I noticed in my travels that Chinese women seem to always have perfectly applied liquid eyeliner! Since then, I’ve been desperate to achieve this in my own very western life. Try leaning your arm
against something solid when you apply, so that you get support and avoid unnecessary ‘wobble’ make sure that the line is thinner towards the inner corner of your eyes and thicker at the outer, as
you get to the outer corner flick line upwards and outward. Another feature we sometimes forget about in the West is the eyebrows — a perfect arched brow can make all the difference to the face.

Great Lashes

Lash extensions are big here, but they are huge in China and a natural part of their culture — these are easy to find in the West, from the fake lashes at Sephora to the eyelash extensions at your
local salon. So, go wild: You’ll look super hot in photos for weeks to come!

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