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20 Easy ideas for elegant style

Retro woman with red matte lips

Put on a coat.

Slap a coat of bright polish on your nails, and you’ll look more put together right away. Plus, there’s something about painted nails that make your every motion a little more graceful and dainty — which, of course, adds to your look.

seam beautiful.

Stockings with seams up the back have an undeniable zow. They’re sexy without being racy and the perfect way to crank any dress or skirt from OK to elegant.

give lip service.

There hasn’t been a decade in recent history that hasn’t loved a matte red lip. It’s a classic look, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. Go to a makeup counter and consult a professional to find the perfect shade for your complexion. Look for a hue that makes your cheeks go rosy and your eyes glimmer.

Talk to the woman in the mirror.

Buy a mirror in which you look great, even if it makes you look a little skinnier than you actually are. Try to look in this mirror only and trash any magnifying mirrors or — gasp — fat mirrors. You need confidence to be elegant, and loving your reflection is the first step.

Spritz on some glam.

Find a perfume you love, spritz some on every day and make it your signature sent. Keep it in an old-fashioned bottle like this one and transport yourself to a boudoir of beauty every time you apply.

Treat yourself right.

Inner classic beauty isn’t about total indulgence; rather, it’s about finding joy at every opportunity. So eat dessert first, rent a convertible for a day or use half and half instead of skim. Whatever allows you to achieve that joi de vivre, do it.

Let the sun shine.

Go outside and get some sun on your skin. We’re not saying you should be tanning at all, but when you look at the most stunning people in the world, your first thought isn’t, “I bet she spends a lot of time in front of a computer.” Lather up in SPF but still go outside as often as possible and breathe in some fresh air.

Shine on, girl.

Give yourself some glimmer in the everyday — a piece of jewelry, a sequined top or a silver shoe. Just make sure you’re shining like the star you are.

get Bright & white.

White teeth are always in style — a staple element of classic beauty. Go for professional whitening if you can; if you can’t, at-home kits offer noticeable results.

Click it.

Snap pictures of yourself and your life when you feel your best. Touch them up on your computer and frame them so you can admire the images for years to come. You are your own best beauty inspiration, woman! Own it!

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