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20 Easy ideas for elegant style

Sure, hemlines rise and fall, and there’s a new black every season. But in the fickle world of style, a classic sort of beauty works no matter what the trends. Those pictures of women from the ’20s who are still as jaw-droppingly gorgeous as they were when the photos were first snapped prove the point. This kind of beauty is less about fashion and more about spending time putting yourself together, flattering every element of your appearance and feeling confident. Here are 20 simple ways to bring some classic beauty into your look — and have your photo be one of those that future generations of women admire.

Beautiful Retro Woman

Put a pin on it.

Who has time for the kind of fancy updos that women back in the day wore?  Not us, and probably not you, either. A simple way to get a sleek look in a flash is to use bobby pins. They can turn the messiest bun into a formal style fast, and if you invest in some fancy pins like these, turning any bad hair day into a cute statement is a cinch.


What you wear under you clothes is just as important as the clothes themselves. A fun bra can make you feel like a million bucks, even if you’re wearing it under a grungy sweatshirt. A slip will give your skirt a floaty and flirty appeal. Make sure your undergarments fit well and enhance everything you put on top of them.

Set it up.

It sounds old school, but rollers give hair the kind of volume and moveable hold that a curling iron just can’t achieve. Setting your hair is nowhere near as involved as you probably think. Put them in before you get dressed and put on your makeup. By the time your gloss is on, your roots will have lift and your ends will be flipped just the way you want.

Get waisted.

No matter what your body type, a skirt that hits high on the waist is always flattering, like the Love Bonito skirt pictured here. It emphasizes the smallest part of your torso and gives you a sexy hourglass shape. Invest in a simple high-waisted skirt that you can pair with shirts you already own, and enjoy your incredibly feminine physique.

flash the Eye of the tiger.

Cat eyes are a dramatic look that can be achieved with a quick dab of eyeliner. Amp it up for a night out or keep it to kitty intensity for daytime. Wherever you set the dial, this look will make your eyes

make every occasion a Special occasion.

Here’s what makes those old photos of classically beautiful women so special: Classic beauties make every moment seem like a special occasion with their effortless elegance. You can pull it off, too. Never hesitate from adding on that extra something to your look — a pin, some crinoline under your skirt, or a dab of your super-expensive moisturizer — so that every moment is a special occasion.

Put on a smile.

Think of the women you consider timeless beauties. How do they look in your mind?  Happy, right?  Joy never goes out of style, so just slapping on a smile keeps you en vogue.

conjure Heeling powers.

Of course, high heels make any outfit a little fancier, but they do more than that. Your legs look longer and your body slimmer when you wear heels, which also help with upper body posture. Slip on a pair for a few extra inches and a lot of added elegance.

take a frill pill.

No task is too mundane for you to look cute. Get yourself a frilly apron and feel like a diva from any decade the next time you’re toasting up Bagel Bites.

Go nightie night.

Nothing, and we repeat, nothing, will make you feel more confident about your body than the right nightie. A slinky little negligee beats working out with a personal trainer or a boob job any day of the week. Even if you’re sleeping by yourself, waking up in something that makes you feel sexy will start your day on the right foot.  

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