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5 Tips to decorate a rented space


Not everyone owns a home of their own, but anyone can own their own personal decorating style. shared these simple tricks on how to decorate a rented space with SheKnows.

With these tips you can make your rented living space feel both larger and more like home without breaking the bank. Follow these tips and find simple tricks on how to decorate or refresh your
rented space:

1. Mirrors

Instantly expand any room with a mirror. Not only will mirrors make your home feel larger than it is, but they are reasonably priced. They can also be custom framed to add a unique look to your
home decor. Mirrors can be easily hung and repositioned without making permanent alterations to your walls.

(Above image provided by — The Tree of Life, Stoclet Frieze,
c. 1909 with mirrors.)

2. Avoid Clutter

Small spaces fill up quickly. Use oversized hand-painted canvas art on an open wall space instead of multiple smaller pieces to trick the eye into thinking the space is bigger than originally

3. Lighten Up

Paint walls with a light color and use sheer window coverings to invite the sunshine in and create a spacious and relaxing environment. Your favorite picture or print will show up much better, too.

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