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5 DIY weekend projects


There are some do-it-yourself projects that are easy to finish in a weekend and will make a visible improvement in your home. Here are a few projects that are easily completed in just a couple of days, with minimal supplies and expenses.

Woman painting walls yellow



Paint is one of the least expensive and fastest ways to make a big change in your home’s appearance. You can totally update the look and mood of the room just by changing the color of the painted walls. As a bonus, it’s the very rewarding DIY job, as you can easily paint a room, or even several rooms, in one weekend.

Remember when planning a paint job to do careful wall preparation, fixing any wall defects, sanding, and cleaning. If the previous coat of paint was glossy or deep in color, a coat of primer will be a big help. Most paint jobs look best if you use two coats of finish paint.

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Stenciling is a fun way to decorate your walls, but don’t count out furniture and other items. Stencils can be purchased in a wide array of sizes, styles and patterns, or you can cut your own stencils using a sharp craft knife and acetate sheet.

Once you have your stencil selected, simply spray the back with temporary stencil adhesive, affix to the wall, and dab the designs with a stencil brush and wall or craft paints. If you are stenciling on furniture or other items that will get a lot of use, make sure to use a durable paint and a protective top coat.

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Closet organizer

Most homes have at least one closet that could benefit from a closet organizer system. Where to begin?

First, remove everything from the closet, and discard or donate anything that you don’t really need. Then, measure the closet carefully, and purchase a closet organization system that will fit as well as provide you with the specific closet features that you need. You can choose from shelving units, drawers, hooks and other features that will make your closet an organizer’s dream.

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Ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are not only attractive, but they are a good way to cool off in the summer and circulate heat during colder weather. They are also a good way to update an older light fixture. You can choose from a variety of fan styles, making this a quick and easy way to add style and functionality to any room in your home.

If you don’t have some basic electrical skills, enlist the assistance of somebody who does. Also, make sure the ceiling is designed to properly support a ceiling fan before installing one.


Replace your switch plates

This is a simple task, but one that can really make a visible difference in your home.

Over time, light switch plates and outlet covers can become old and dingy, or perhaps even cracked or splattered by past paint jobs. Count up your switch plates and outlet covers, purchase all new ones, and install. This is another DIY project that you can finish quickly, allowing you time to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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