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Makeup trend: Matte

Have you noticed lately the world is looking a lot less shiny? The matte trend could be a response to the overall mood in the country, believes Lilyn Hester, a communications and cosmetics diva. The recession led to a focus on being more modest and less glossy, hence the resurgence of this anti-shine makeup mentality. Here, the experts tell us how and why matte is the way to glow.

Woman wearing matte makeup

Beke Beau, a makeup artist, says matte makeup results in a more mature, refined look than one gets from products overloaded with shimmer, sparkle and shine. With more women than ever searching the
job market for leads, it makes sense for makeup to move in a more polished direction.

Remember ladies, we learned this from way back when we studied the lipstick index – makeup is about more than liners and shadows. It’s also reflective of who we are and what’s going on
around us.

Dude looks like a lady?

What if the matte look is the furthering of the menswear trend? ‘We’re moving into a trend now where there’s a lot of cross-over between male/female looks and styling — e.g., men wearing
eyeliner and nail polish and women buzzing their hair… so matte is a reflection of a more ‘unisex’ cosmetic look — not super glossy, shiny or glam. Instead, we have a new, more understated,
slightly edgy look that (certain) males and females can be attracted to,’ says Risi-Leanne Baranja, editor-in-chief of the Palacinka Beauty Blog.

Matte versus Shiny

It’s the opposite attraction. This type of attraction is not unlike the black fingernail polish versus French nails. It’s fun to be different, says Sandy Taylor-Furst, stylist and owner of You can have fun wearing jeans and wearing a gown. ‘I bet some women feel more comfortable in a sports bra than in a push up bra!’ Sandy says.

Brett Freedman, a stylist to the stars, sees bright matte lips back in vogue, especially this holiday season.

A beautifully bold shade (Brett recommends YSL’s Candy Plum sheer lipstick) is a great start. More pigmented than a gloss, this lip sheer gives your mouth a beautiful crispness. Bonus, with deeper
shades your teeth look extra pearly white!

As winter ends and the warmer weather kicks back in, matte lips will continue to be popular. But instead of berry hues, bright and unique matte shades will be all the rage. Striking and setting the
tone for cutting-edge style, this lip look is for when you really want to make a statement. Unless you want to look like Lady Gaga, Brett suggests muted tones of the edgier colors, maybe an orange
has a copper hue, or a lilac shade you would pick would lean to the pink side. You want to look fashion forward, but not clownish. The key to these lip colors is, much like pinks on the eyes, about
setting the stage.

Brett suggests prepping with a satin finish lip balm since you’ll get little hydration from your lip color. Also, pad a touch of concealer to your lip line. Dust with powder and you’re ready to
apply your new matte lipstick. Since the consistency will be full bodied, as will the color, lip liner won’t be needed to get a crisp line.

Is Matte for you?

In many cases, yes!

•    Matte colors make you look younger. Pearly sheens can attract attention to fine lines and wrinkles.

•    Matte colors look more natural.

•    It gives you a balanced palette. Strong facial features, such as the nose, appear flatter.

•    Light makes things larger and dark makes them smaller. It works the same with highly reflective, shiny cosmetics. The more matte look makes everything look smaller.

•    Women are attracted to sparkle but have no idea what to do with it. Going for a matte look is just more practical!

Also, think on the most basic level: Shine causes distraction; you will feel you are being seen more when in a matte look. Then the only thing that shines on one’s face is the eyes…

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