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5 Tips for decorating on a budget

In today’s tight economy, few of us can afford to give our homes a major update, but that doesn’t mean you have to write off home decorating entirely. Wall decor is a relatively inexpensive way to update your homet. shared these budget-friendly ideas.

Concentrate your efforts

A common mistake people make in decorating their walls is to sprinkle things around just to fill empty space. Instead, imagine a rectangle on the main focal wall in the room you wish to dress up. Fill that rectangle with a grouping of themed art to make an impact at less of a price. We suggest multiples.

Make a big splash

Only have the funds to pick out one great piece of art? No problem. Pick one oversized print you really love. Hanging one oversized print on a wall can make a sizeable impact — which makes both your budget and the space you’re decorating seem larger!

Purchase pre-framed pieces

Selecting pre-framed pieces can help you save considerably on both time and funds. Many sites such as let you order a pre-framed piece of wall décor, framed by in-house design experts, giving your space a sophisticated, finished look at a fraction of the cost.

Play with arrangements

Like ingredients in a recipe, artwork and objects can be grouped in different combinations to produce completely unique effects. Start by identifying one main focal piece and then arrange the other objects around it, incorporating inexpensive accent pieces or objects you already own to further stretch your budget.

Get creative

You don’t necessarily need a large, blank wall available to update your space. Liven up those boring old bookcases, mantels, fireplace screens and stairwells by using them to showcase your wall art. Displaying art in unexpected areas can make a vibrant unique statement.

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