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Stylish winter hat trends

One of the most fabulous but misunderstood accessories of all time is the hat. It can punch up any outfit from stale to stylish in a snap,but your hair suffers the The secret to hat happiness is not only finding a hat that you love, but also knowing that a hat shouldn’t just be used as a solution to a bad hair day. Quite the contrary in fact – to achieve hat harmony, you actually have to do your hair so that the hat lays properly, so upon removal, you minimize the possibility of dreaded hat-head. Below with help from celeb hairstylist Philip Pelusi, we look at the season’s hottest hat styles and show you how to rock your locks underneath.

Woman wearing trapper hat


The fedora passes again this season as one of the runway’s hottest hats. Looking good on most anyone with nearly any cut, the fedora can be rocked out with a dressed-down boyfriend look or a dressed-up cocktail ensemble.

The hat hairstyle: The fedora showstops because of its fierce angles but looks great offset with a more feminine look, so try curling hair into loose feminine waves. Using a large barrel curling iron, curl some facing towards the face and some away for a free-form look.


This headpiece exudes romance when worn correctly and reeks of starving painter or left-your-shower-cap-on when worn improperly. The great thing about the beret is that it has a universal shape so it works on just about anybody – all you need to do is pick the color you love and learn how to work it!

The hat hairstyle: Berets should be placed square on the forehead, sloping back, covering ears. Let hair hang down covering ears as well. For a pulled-back look, try a loose side ponytail with soft strands peeking out.

Shearling bucket hat

Equal parts cute and comfy, the shearling bucket hat is an understated classic piece of luxury that goes with anything and is guaranteed to keep you snug as a bug in a rug.

The hat hairstyle: Although shearlings are adorably cozy and certainly warm, their weight and shape can crush hair. So wearing hair half up, clipped with a barrette not only looks cute when the hat is on, when you take the hat off and unclip the hair, your natural bounce will return.

Cloche hat

Channel your 1920s diva with the ultra lady-like cloche hat. This beautiful bell-shaped cap is worn quite fitted and pulled down just above the eyebrows, and it can turn any outfit into a classy ensemble in an instant.

The hat hairstyle: Due to the tight fit of this hat, hat-head is virtually unavoidable, but fortunately this hat is an indoor/outdoor cap. That said, wearing your hair down or in a low pony will work well with this beauty.

Trapper Hat

The trapper hat captures the rustic nature and the luxury of the perfect cozy cabin weekend getaway. Equally gorgeous and warm, the trapper is the indulgent hat, not to mention the statement hat of the season.


The hat hairstyle: A low ponytail in back or two loose pigtails work, but the key to making this hat work is letting a few pieces of loose hair hang in front. After all, this hat can be very overbearing and you don’t want your head to be mistaken for an actual animal… especially if you are out for a hike in the woods.


Newsboy cap

This throw-and-go hat is the season’s bad-hair day lifesaver. Coming in an infinite variety of styles, a girl simply can’t have enough of these in her closet for those should-have-washed-my-hair-days-ago mornings.

The hat hairstyle: A ballerina-style bun (low ponytail with hair wrapped around and around and secured with bobby pins) at the nape of the neck works brilliantly with the newsboy cap, giving the tomboyish hat a bit of feminine flair.


This winter, look out for the above hats to be embellished with beads, stones, sparkles or feathers to glam them up. Additionally you will see a lot more color than usual in your hat choices and the fabrics of choice will be fur (real and faux), suede and leather this winter. Hats off to the most adventurous of hat shoppers this season!

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