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Your holiday beauty wish list

Your holiday sixth sense is probably going into red alert state: Christmas is just weeks away! If you want to avoid another ugly sweater, get proactive: Create a wish list and give your friends and family a little wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

The truth is, gift registrations went mainstream a long time ago, and helping your family and friends out with a little present-guidance saves them just as much stress as it saves you annoyance.
You won’t have to return presents you don’t want (the sweater that may have fit you in seventh grade), and the givers won’t have to waste their time shopping for things that are
going to be rejected (heated booties! wow thanks!). Even better, creating a wish list to share with family and friends lets people know what fragrances, makeup colors and scents you prefer
so you can keep looking — and smelling — like yourself. Another benefit, it gives the shopper the opportunity to give you something more personal than a gift card, while ensuring
it’s something you’re going to like and use.

what’s on their lists?

Just for fun, we surveyed some savvy shoppers to find out what’s on their holiday wish lists.

Allison G: Elvis 75 — Good Rockin’ Tonight Box Set

Scarlet W: A great brush, ideally the Mason Pearson Sensitive Bristle Brush

Kristin R: Thigh-high leather boots

Michelle T: A treadmill to “beat her blogger butt into shape”

Amy E: A fabulously flattering new LBD

The message behind this is that they all want completely unrelated things and, in most cases, things we never would have thought of purchasing for them. Maybe what the men in our lives have been
saying for years is actually true: We’re insanely hard to buy for!

Where to “register”

Lucky for us, many sites are catching on and letting you create a wish list for any old reason you’d like — birthday, anniversary, dropped five pounds. You can create a wish list and email it to
friends and family prior to the momentous occasion, then sit back and sympathize with those less fortunate recipients who are stuck with another blender at the annual family gift exchange.

Check out these wish list sites:

For beauty-specific registries, has an online registry system in which you can create your wish list and send it to friends. lets you create a wish list to share or a favorites list on which you can track items you want to give yourself.

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