5 Best under eye concealers

Just because you’ve had a rough night or two doesn’t mean it has to read on your face. Keep it your little secret by hiding your dark circles with these fabulous under eye concealers.

1. Tarte Dark Circle Defense Natural Under Eye Corrector

 A true under eye miracle worker, this beauty must-have from Tarte not only disguises those pesky under eye dark circles and even wrinkles, but also actually reduces under eye puffiness, leaving you looking thoroughly refreshed no matter what the circumstances.

Though Dark Circle Defense only comes in two shades (light-medium and medium-deep), you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how seamlessly it blends. A small concealer brush comes with the natural product, however the thick cream formula is also easily applied with your fingers if you do not have a brush on hand. This powerful product comes in a teeny tiny compact, so you can easily keep one packed away in even your smallest bags for on-the-go beauty fixes. $32 from Sephora.com.


2. Givenchy Mister Light Instant Light Corrective Pen

 The fluid formula of this luxe product from Givenchy glides on your skin seamlessly for foolproof fatigue fighting power. Utilizing two plant extracts with multivitamins the formula soothes and refreshes your sensitive under eye skin, giving you a revitalized feel and appearance. The product is applied as a pen with a self-contained brush for easy, mess-free and hands-free application. $32 from Sephora.com.


3. Clinique All About Eyes Concealer

This concealer from Clinique specializes in reducing puffiness and camouflages under eye dark circles. The product provides a medium amount of coverage all without resting in your fine lines and wrinkles. Best yet, this concealer will last all day and will even gently moisturize your sensitive under eye skin. Comes in seven shades so you’re that much more likely to find your perfect match. $15.50 from Clinique.com.


4. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

 This compact from Laura Mercier comes with two different shades of creamy concealer: one to match your skin and one to match its undertone. Therefore you can mix and match the two to create your own individual perfect shade. While the product is ideal for disguising under eye darkness, it is also a great all-around concealer for general use and is just as effective at hiding pimples and other blemishes and redness. $28 from Sephora.com.


5. NARS Concealer

 NARS’ classic, all-purpose concealer comes in convenient lipstick form and the creamy formula glides on your skin easily for lightweight coverage that won’t settle into any fine lines. It may not be made specifically with under eye coverage in mind, but it sure does do the trick. $22 from Sephora.com.


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