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Black Friday shopping deals: Electronics & technology

Gadget geeks can rejoice this holiday season as savvy shoppers learn how to find the best Black Friday shopping deals on electronics in just a few easy steps.

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Step 1 – Become an shopping expert

The line of products in the electronics world is constantly changing so be sure to familiarize yourself with the product. Pay particular attention to any products that have recently been upgraded, like the iPhone and MP3 players. Also, know exactly how much memory you (or the gift recipient) will need in your gadget so you don’t spend more than you have to.

Step 2 – Start looking for deals now

Many stores like Best Buy and Target are already gearing up for Black Friday by offering promotions on several items in the few days before Thanksgiving.

Step 3 – Search power

Be armed with shopping knowledge before you even leave the house. Get online to read product reviews, find the stores offering the best Black Friday shopping deals, and even research which stores accept competitors’ coupons so that you can map out the most efficient route to the stores you’ll be shopping.

Step 4 – Beware the quantities

Just because a retailer has advertised a certain price on a product, doesn’t mean the product will be there when you get to the store. Limited availability of “doorbusters” is to be expected, as well as the fact that the particular items are, in many cases, the scaled down version of their popular counterparts. You’ll fare best if you bring printed ads with you to a store, read the fine print, expect a few disappointments and get to the store before it opens.

Step 5 – Go to the online store

Online stores such as and may very well have the product you are looking for as well, but often stores like Target and Best Buy will offer lower prices on Black Friday in the store. Be sure to check out both before you make your purchase.

Step 6 – Become a negotiator

Don’t be afraid to present lower offers to the sales people if you have the evidence to support it, like a print out from the internet or in-store ad. Many stores do price match, even if they don’t advertise that fact.

Step 7 – Black Friday Coupons & savings

Most coupons apply to electronic items as well. Check online to find in-store coupons and promotional codes to use for online purchases.

Step 8 – Know your warranty

Make sure to always check your warranty. You may consider checking with your credit card company to see if there is any purchase protection warranty associated with your card so you don’t have to buy an additional store warranty.


It is possible to find a good deal on electronics, it just takes a little effort and due diligence to find them.


Happy shopping, readers!  May you find the very best of deals this Black Friday.

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