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6 Holiday party makeup tips

Holiday parties are no place for a bare face, geeky glasses, and a cardigan. Nuh-uh, mamacita. Use these merry soirees as a chance to show how well you clean up by incorporating bold, beautiful, look-at-me make up. Here are some quick tips to help you get your glam on.

Woman wearing red lipstick

Want to stand out at this season’s slew of holiday parties? Forget about shopping. You soooo don’t need new shoes. Or a new purse. Or a new dress — well, maybe a new dress.

But the first place you should start is your makeup drawer. Don’t be afraid to dig into the bolder, more va-va voom palettes. These are the things that will add strut to your step and get tongues wagging. Add glam to your holiday look with these expert tips.


It Cosmetics has a super fly smile brightening collagen plumping gloss. Not only will your lips appear fuller and more majestic, your pearly whites will look just a bit whiter, too. For real. Since it’s so portable you can literally keep applying it throughout the day. Plus, in the harsh winter months you’ll want to reapply to keep those lips soft and chapped-free.


Feeling a bit vixenish this holiday season, are we? You can’t go wrong with boosting those eyes. For instance, Sue Devitt’s eye intensifier pencil in a plum color Zaire or sapphire color Victoria Falls. They will truly make your eyes pop! If you outline the lower lid of your eye and go with a lighter color on the top for contrast like her Tanzania gold hue, you can’t go wrong. Smokin’!


Another way to simply razzle dazzle ’em this holiday season is to achieve that special little sun-kissed glow without actually basking in the sun. By using a bronzer like The Gold Coast Bronzing Powder with SPF 10 by Sue Devitt. The key, however, to applying the bronzing powder is to not overdue it. Kinda like spotting someone who spent a little bit too much time on the tanning bed. It’ll look fake.

BE Ravishing IN Red

The really cool thing about jazzing up your beauty this holiday season? Mix ‘n match it, baby. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. So, if you go smoky with the eyes and light on the lips with a clear gloss, the next time you’re painting the town red why not wear a dash of red? MAC makes an uber lasting lipstick called Russian Red. Once you put it on, it will literally take hours to fade.  The beauty of this beauty tip is you really don’t need to wear much else on your face. Maybe a tiny bit of blush for color and one coat of mascara and voila! You’re good to go.

V is for versatility

Now I know what you’re thinking. You want to glam up your festive look without feeling trampy at the office. Here’s the thing: keep your make-up portable. Sure, you can go a little extra on the gloss at work or perhaps wear more eyeliner than you previously did but why not just add a dab or perfume or lay on the layers of eye shadow towards the end of the day when you’re about to hit a few holiday soirees? Keep the make-up portable and remember, you can change your look and spice it up for any occasion.

Walk the walk

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you don’t have it goin’ on (or at least think you have it goin’ on), guess what? No one else will either. As much as you can dress up, wear your fave party shoes and get ready for some holiday fun, none of it matters if you don’t wear the most important glam tip of them all: confidence! Knowing you’re a woman of the world and can hold your own in any conversation, now is not the time to be wimpy.

Make-up? Check. Versatility? Check. Confidence? Check, check, check. As you approach this holiday season with excitement, remember, people will only perceive you as beautiful based on how beautiful you think you are, darling. Work it, girl!

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