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Christmas gifts for men

Women are fairly easy to shop for — hello! The mall was practically built for us! Guys? Not so much… If you’ve asked your man for gift tips only to be met with “I don’t know,” “Whatever,” or “You don’t have to get me anything,” read on. We asked some veteran shoppers for advice on how to shop for the men in your life.

Man receiving digital camera for Christmas

The Christmas holidays are right around the corner, and it’s time for you to buy a gift (or two?) for your special guy. Whether you’ve been dating for only a couple of months or married for a
few years, don’t skimp on your Christmas gift. After all, depending on how much he loves his present, it can determine what he gets you next year. Plus, if he gets you something uber fab this
season and you come up short, guess who’ll be in the dog house for once?

Not sure what to get him (or the other men in your life)? We turned to some super-shoppers who are excellent gift givers for some tips. Before you hit the store or make your Christmas
list, take this advice…

Think like a man

It’s easy to shop, sure, but finding something men need — or better, want — can be tricky. “When I’m shopping for a guy, I try to think like him and ask myself, ‘what would he
want to buy for himself but not necessarily spend money on?'” Jeannine Morris says. “When I do this, I always end up getting them something they’re genuinely excited about.”

“It also helps steer me away from getting men a gift that their mom would get him,” adds the gifting guru, “like yet another sweater.”

Don’t forget about discount stores

There’s nothing better than getting a good deal. Not only will you not look like a cheapskate, you’ll get him a Christmas gift that he’ll be impressed with. “Sometimes, I’ll check out TJ MAXX and
Marshall’s for men’s accessories,” says fab shopper Lauren Fanuzzi. “You can get designer wallets, watches, hats, even iPod accessories — gifts that are perfect for guys.”

Costco is the way to go

For Vivienne Halili Mendoza, Costco is the place to shop during the holidays. “It’s an unusual place to get something for him (and yourself),” explains the gift-giving extraordinaire. “They have a
whole range of stuff, from flat screens, MP3 players, DVDs, even wine.”

“My hubby is a fitness nut, so I got the Garmin Forerunner there for an awesome price,” Mendoza adds. “Gotta love it!”

Guys love gadgets

It’s not a stereotype, it’s a fact. Men love tech goodies, like MP3 players, high-tech tools and TVs. “When in doubt, go with something electronic,” Mendoza points out. “They all seem to like

Not sure where to go? “As far as electronics go, is always my first stop,” Fanuzzi says. “I sometimes also wait for Black Friday deals.” Fanuzzi points out that getting up early in the
morning and waiting on those lines to get into stores like Best Buy and Walmart is worth it.

Morris, on the other hand, loves the “Gear” tab on “They showcase the most unique ‘manly’ gadgets,” she says. “It’s a great resource.”

And as with anything — no matter the occasion, age or time frame — listen to your man. “Men drop hints,” says Mendoza. You’ll know it’s a perfect Christmas gift when you can answer yes to
the following questions: Will he use it? Would he buy it for himself if he had the chance? Would he be proud to tell his friends you got it for him? Ask youself these questions on your
next gift-giving excursion, and you’ll be covered.  Now if you can only figure out what to get your mom…

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