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Winter makeup tips

The layered look might work with your winter style, but not your makeup. Behold, the winter make-under! Take these tips for a fabulous winter makeup look that is fresh and natural.

‘Fess up. You know the feeling. It starts to get a little cold out, the days feel a little bit longer, there’s less sunlight and you start to hibernate. Suddenly, Netflix becomes your replacement for going out. Fret not — it happens to the best of us. But as your social calendar becomes more low maintenance, you may find that you want to simplify your looks, too.

The remedy? The winter make-under. That’s right, you’ll look and feel oh-so-fresh in half the time and with little hassle. Here are some tips for how to rock the latest winter makeup trend: the fresh face.

Foundation and concealer

Ditch it. For real. OK, if you’re one of those women who simply cannot leave the house without putting your “face” on, this may take baby steps. Au natural is better.  Take a tip from the pros and go without the foundation and concealer. Be sure to wear sunscreen for those winter rays, though, so your skin stays protected. Try an oil-free moisturizer with SPF. 

By adding moisture to your skin instead of a mask of makeup, you’ll look fresh-faced and dewy. To add a healthy, rosy glow, swipe on a pinky-peach cream blush.

Pucker up

The winter winds can drastically dry your smackers. Want to have natural-looking lips that are soft, not chapped? (Hint: it’s a loaded question — we all do!). Start by getting rid of the heavy glosses and dark hues. Go light! If you get a simple tube of Blistex for your parched lips, your lips will get some natural TLC without you having to spend a lot of Benjamins on makeup.

The eyes have it

Ah, the smoky, sultry look. The contouring eye shadow, the false eyelashes, and yes, let’s not forget the mega doses of mascara. Stop right there, girl! If you want a simple make-under, let your eyes shine through by going bare. How gross is it every night when you take off gobs of eye makeup? Keep it simple, sister. One simple coat of Maybelline mascara should do it.

Smells like Teen Spirit

Have you ever walked through the perfume section of a department store? So not fun — the smells are too intense. This is why you, too, should steer clear of heavy scents in the winter. Most of your activities will be indoors, so nothing could be worse than piling your perfume on as everyone inhales (and sometimes chokes) on the scent. Our tip: keep it light, with a fresh, crisp smell. After all, you want to be an unforgettable woman, not a smelly one.

Ditch the Jersey hair

I’m from New Jersey, so I can say this. Jersey Shore hair is usually highlights, lowlights and everything in between, not to mention tons of hairspray and oodles of makeup. It’s not only a waste of money, it’s completely unnecessary. If you can’t run your fingers through your hair without it getting stuck, there’s no point. Use this time to restore your locks by simply washing, conditioning, and repeating.

Your homework for this winter: Go product-free for one week, at least. Who knows — you might actually like it! At the very least, you will give your face and hair a much-needed break. Once you start downsizing your winter beauty regimen, you’ll enjoy the au-natural look — plus, all the time and money you save in makeup. Sounds like a win-win situation to us.

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