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Uplifting fashion trends: Revamp your wardrobe for less

Just like great songs, great closets need only be remixed to look and feel fresh. With a little bit of rearranging, a new perspective and a few inexpensive additions, you can rock and re-energize your tired old wardrobe.

Woman cleaning closet

16. Look at your wardrobe in a new way. Reorganize your closet so you can literally see it differently and therefore pair items together like never before. Reverse-engineer your organization method: If it was by color, consider organizing by type of article; if it was by type of article, consider organizing by casual versus glam.

15. Stop recycling outfits. Robotic fashion is lazy fashion, so commit to altering at the very least just one small element of each “go-to” ensemble to give it a fresh feel.

14. Let go of your fashion fears. Pair items that you may not have before, like tights with open-toed shoes (which saves you from storing those fabulous summer heels for the winter) or colors like purple and green. If it feels daring, go for it!

Smiling woman wearing retro dress13. Host a clothing swap with your BFFs. Chances are, your girlfriends are experiencing wardrobe fatigue, too, so trading clothes with each other will give you all a needed boost.

12. Crash a boy’s closet. Got a boyfriend, male roomie or brother? Consider his closet your new home. With or without leggings or tights, his classic button-downs make for great belted shresses. Or snag one of his ties and a roll up a pair of his slim-fit jeans, coupled with a loose v-neck tee, a blazer, layered necklaces and some heels, to create the ultimate boyfriend look.

11. Crash your Grandma’s closet. What better way to get the trendy Mad Men-inspired look than to borrow directly from the closet of your grandma. Go hunting for the best in vintage dresses, fur stoles and tweed suits. This is sure to bring a smile to your wardrobe, your bank account and most importantly, to dear ol’ grandmama.

10. Go faux! That is, faux fur, leather and snakeskin belts, shoes, handbags and jackets. They look as good as the real thing but are much kinder on your wallet and your eco-conscience.

9. Don’t think of your coat as just outerwear. If you live in a cold climate, you practically live in your coat, so every winter calls for a new one, plus a coordinating scarf and gloves that you simply adore. This season, dare to try snowy white or bold and bright.

8. Boot up. Treat yourself to one new pair of to-die-for fall boots and give all of your tried-and-trues a makeover at your local repair shop. For less than $10, each pair will get a good-as-new tuneup.

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