Uplift your style

Is your wardrobe feeling a little stale? Then it’s time to get out of last year’s fashion rut and supercharge your style. With these simple ideas, you will be rockin’ to a new, funkier fashion beat in no time and feeling hotter than ever.

Woman wearing hot pink headband and leggings

Add a dose of color to a muted outfit (or winter’s hot black/white combo) to instantly make it pop. Try a Rainbow Brite-esque headband, a vibrant pair of suede heels, a playfully colored patent leather bag or a lively scarf to give you an instant injection of “wow.”

Legcessorize! This season, the world is your runway if you’re rockin’ tights. An easy way to update your look is to indulge in the oodles of tight options available including patterned, sparkly, beaded, feathered and crystal embellished — the bolder and quirkier, the better! Just be sure to offset wild legs with other, tamer garments.

Test your fashion limits with wild animal prints (leopard, zebra, snake), edgy hardware (chains, zippers, studs) or flirty fringe — all of which are sure to unleash that inner bad girl of yours, in the best of ways.

Sparkle from the inside out with dazzling sequins. Clutches, tops, belts, skirts and even shoes — whether dressed up or down, anything emblazoned in sequins will elevate your look and your spirit.

Wake up a sleepy outfit with a loud-and-proud statement accessory. Decide on a go-to piece that can liven up any yawner ensemble. This could take the form of a bag, necklace, hat, scarf or shoe… no matter what it is, make sure it dares to showstop.

Strut a little fiercer with higher heels. If you are typically a flats girl, start with 3-inchers. If you usually go 3 inches, try 4. You will start to see the world on a whole new level!



Channel your inner Betty Draper. Thinking Mad Men times, pay homage to the ladylike era with classic skirt blouse combos, vintage dresses, luxurious fur accents, demure pearls, fun brooches and of course, matte red or bright coral lipstick.


Uplift your undies. We can’t say it enough: A great tee-shirt bra (great as in lifting, enhancing and totally invisible) is the secret to looking your hottest in your favorite tee. Bulge-battling shapers can smooth out and lift up any of your trouble zones, from belly to hips to bum.

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