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Girls’ night in party ideas

If you and your girls are lucky enough to have a night to yourselves, make it special by hosting it yourself. It will be less expensive than going out for margaritas and the casual environment will be all the more fun. Below are some ideas for hosting your girlfriends. And don’t sweat – these are all quick and easy… and require minimal planning. Just relax and enjoy spending time with your ladies!

Girlfriends cooking in kitchen

Favorite ’80s movies

From Dirty Dancing to Flashdance, 80s movies are the perfect to watch with your girlfriends since friendship and romance are major themes in these movies. Get everyone in the retro mood by playing your favorite 80s girl band tracks while guests are arriving and eating. And don’t hesitate to crank the music back up post-viewing for a dance party or some impromptu karaoke.

Talent show

Invite your girls over and tell everyone to come prepared to perform her wackiest talent. Set up a little stage by arranging your couches and chairs in a half circle. Your pals might start off a little shy, so you should be prepared to go first. Once the ball gets rolling though, this is a super-fun way to learn even more about your best friends, like which of your buds is double-jointed and who can burp her ABCs backwards.

A night in with Julia Child

Buy the ingredients for a few of Julia’s easier recipes and print out a few copies of the recipe instructions. Prep the ingredients so there is about an hour of work to do during the party. When you friends arrive, divvy them up so an even number of you are working on each recipe and in an hour or so, you all should have a meal to die for. This may be more involved and costly than ordering a pizza, but it’s a fun activity and will certainly be more elegant than dinner out of a cardboard box.

Be a sweetheart

Let’s not kid ourselves, what girl doesn’t love chocolate? And even if it goes straight to our thighs, we still love it. So why not host a chocolate themed night, complete with other sinfully rich activities like luxurious at-home manis and pedis, movies featuring Hollywood’s hottest bad boys and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Set up a chocolate buffet with your favorite candy bars, creamy chocolate liqueurs and even a chocolate main course like cocoa mole enchiladas — they’re spicy and sweet at the same time.

Start a hobby

Invite your friends over to learn a new craft. You could bring in an expert from your local craft store to school you or just buy a few how-to books for everyone to peruse. Be it scrap-booking, knitting or paper folding, it doesn’t really matter. Just as long as it’s something you all can learn and do together for years to come.

Old school sleepover

Invite the gals over for a good old-fashioned sleepover! Well, not too old fashioned. Update the beverage selection to include adult libations, but keep the jammies, ice cream sundaes, and late-night chat sessions. Just remember that the rules from your youth still apply: the first one who falls asleep gets her bra frozen.


Hire a local psychic for the evening and have your friends come over for a peek into the future. If you want to go all out, decorate your place with candlelight and lots of lush fabric draped about. Whether your group takes it seriously or is just in it for the giggles, it’s a fun update to the Ouija board.


No matter what special twist you put on the evening, your girls will be grateful that you offered to host a night in.


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