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Cruelty-free winter furs

Nothing says “warm and cozy” like a fur coat, but who wants to harm a helpless animal for the sake of fashion? Luckily, tons of great creature-friendly alternatives are out there that look just as hot (if not hotter!) than their more cruel counterparts.

Wowan wearing fake fur jacket

The runways often are packed with real fur and animal-skin clothing and accessories. Lately, however, some designers are taking notice of the protests from the Humane Society and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) who set up shop at New York Fashion Week year after year to create awareness of animal cruelty in fashion.

Some designers have vowed to go cruelty-free: — Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Betsey Johnson, to name a few.

Some of new faux-animal materials are nearly identical to the real deal. Due to the technological advances in synthetic materials, faux furs and animal skins look so good these days that you don’t have to feel like a fake when wearing faux.

PETA insists, “Fashion should be fun, not fatal.” The organization’s website offers information about how animals suffer for the sake of fashion and advice on finding creature-friendly alternatives: “Saving animals is as simple as choosing luxurious faux fur, cozy polyester fleece or sexy pleather.” The site also offers its “shopping guide to compassionate clothing,” a comprehensive list of stores that offer animal-friendly fashions.

We’ve compiled a collection of cute, creature-kind fashions. We encourage you to try some cruelty-free clothing this season.


Bag it

We all love a leather bag, but an animal doesn’t have to suffer for you to get this fashionable look. Stella McCartney, a big advocate of faux animal fabrics/materials, created an oversized purse entirely of faux leather, which looks just like real leather. Her bag retails for $1,295, a definite splurge. Get the look for less with this Kathy Van Zeeland Disco Daisy A-ling tote made of synthetic patent leather for a more affordable $114.

Stella Mccartney BagKathy Van Zeeland Disco Daisy A-ling tote

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